5 Surprising Causes Of Your Erectile Dysfunction

It is easy not to worry, or even think about erectile dysfunction when you are capable of enjoying beautiful sex. Young men especially, hardly ever think that they can deal with ED at some point in their lives. Impotence is always wrongly associated with old age, and this explains why the majority of them are usually surprised when it happens.

Most of them even have a hard time seeking help due to the magnitude with which this reality hits them. Among the easiest ways of handling erectile dysfunction is gaining an understanding of the things that causes them, and consequently look for a way to avoid them – if possible. Forget about the usual culprits that you might already have heard about. Here, we look deep into the things you never thought was capable of causing ED. They include:

Your partner spending more time with your friends

Psychological factors have the capacity to impact your erectile function. A study conducted by staff of Live Science, and also published in the American Journal of Science, revealed a surprising cause of erectile dysfunction. Apparently, when your wife or partner spends more time with your friends, than she does with you, you have a chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction. The research study involving 3000 men aged between 57 and 85 years, showed that a man whose wife or female partner was uncomfortably close to his buddies has a 92 percent more chance of experiencing difficulties in obtaining and maintaining an erection, compared to a man whose partner does not engage in this kind of behavior.

Too much, or too rough masturbation

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Men are usually urged to engage in masturbation as it is a healthy way of exercising the penis. However, too much of it is dangerous. You will begin to notice weaker erections, besides having difficulties to orgasm. If you have been masturbating more regularly than you should, consider stopping for a while.

Excessive porn

Pornography is among the leading causes of insecurity witnessed in men when it comes to the size of their penises. Some of the men who are pursuing penis enlargement will tell you that the primary reason they are doing so is to match up with their favorite porn stars. The majority of porn viewership fail to notice that, most of the time; the penises they see on those video clips are not exactly like that in real life. The final product is characterised by endless camera tricks aimed at making the penis appear bigger than it is. By consistently comparing your dick with that of porn stars, insecurity creeps in, and before you know it, you are struggling with erectile dysfunction.


Our lives are complex and most of the times; we have something at the back of our minds that is nagging us. Stress factors may originate from the workplace, social circles, and even family. Unfortunately, it has the potential to impact your erectile function negatively. As such, men suffering from excessive stress that they cannot control on their need to find professional help.

Gum disease

You must already be wondering; what the heck does gum disease have to do with my erectile function? If you have a gum disease, it is an indication that you are not eating a good diet, and that your health is poor. It suggests poor flow of blood inside and around your gums. You must already know that the process of obtaining an erection is heavily tied to blood circulation. If you look at the situation from this perspective, you will see the connection between gum disease and your erectile dysfunction.

Start Volunteering

A kind heart, ‘service to others' attitude, and selflessness, are among the few really special traits that women seek for, in a man of her choice. Besides, even as per the researches, in their point of view, women find altruism, as far more significant and good, than men do. So, that probably doesn't seem a tough task to impress your woman, and to win her heart, when you simply need to join any volunteer group, and show all your selflessness and good aspects that nature has furnished you with. Besides, you may also earn the good results of the good deeds on this earth. What more, it seems a profitable deal with double benefits.

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