Get Your Prostate Gland Checked Earlier

It is necessary for you to get yourself regularly checked by a doctor, especially if you are suffering from prostate gland. After the age of forty, there are chances that you might face some problem in this gland. This step is necessary to make sure that you have a healthy prostate gland. Before going to a doctor for check-up, it is necessary that you know your own body, especially the functions of the glands.

Functions of the prostate glands

The prostate glands are one of most important part of the male organ. It helps in the performance of duel functions, like -

  • Delivery of the seminal fluids
  • Elimination of wastes from the body

Both these functions are very important for the body, as the problem in the prostate glands would cause impotence and inconsistency. It is located near the walls of the rectum, and it is not bigger than a walnut. There are numerous small tubes, which passes through this gland. This helps in the delivery of the seminal fluids.

If you are facing problems during urination or if you are not having a proper erection, then it is advisable that you immediately go to the doctor for a checkup. This is something, to be really worried about and should not be handled with leniency.

Having problems in the prostate gland is not a comfortable situation for a man.

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The problems that might occur

The prostate glands might become inflamed and cause regular urination. This problem is known as benign prostatic hypertrophy. This problem is not dangerous, but it is extremely uncomfortable.

This enlargement of the glands can become cancerous, and so you must take special care of this particular area, especially if you are approaching the age of fifty. Prostate cancer can be easily treated, if diagnosed at an earlier stage.

Detection of cancer in the prostate gland

The procedure of the tests for the detection of the cancer in the glands is easy and simple. In the privacy of the cabinet, the doctor will check the prostate glands by touching it. He can easily detect the changes that might have occurred in your glands.

During the check up, the doctor asks the patient to bend, and then he inserts his finger in the rectum, to check the gland. In this way they can easily detect the medical disorder with the gland.

If you are uncomfortable and don't want this process for examining the disorder, then let your doctor know about it. You can opt for blood test as it can easily detect the medical problem. You can do the check up yourself too all you need is some lubrication and gloves. Insert your finger inside the rectum, and slowly go up.

The prostate is usually soft in case it is hard then proper care should be taken. It is however, recommended that you should allow your doctor to do the first check up, before doing it yourself. Discuss with your doctor, the right process of the check up.

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