Information About Sex And Male Circumcision

Sex is an important part of every individual. To ensure safe and healthy sex, you need to make sure that your penis is always clean and infection free. The best way for this is circumcision.

The increasing popularity of circumcision and its reasons

Circumcision is the removal of foreskin surgically from the penis. This is mostly mostly done for religious or cultural reasons. This culture is mainly followed by Muslims and Jews around the globe. However, many people from the west is adapting to circumcision.

The main reason for its popularity in the west is that it is easier and simpler to keep your penis clean with no foreskin.

There are some parents, who believe that circumcision is not necessary as the maintenance of hygiene have enhanced and developed over time. However, it is a debatable issue, as each individual has to decide for himself.

Occurrence of infection

There are small glands beneath the foreskin, which produces a lubricating and an oily substance. If in case this secretion gets accumulated and mixed with the dead cells, then a cottage cheese like substance is formed. This is known as smegma. In an uncircumcised male, the smegma slowly builds up, which can lead to infection and at times may result in more dangerous disease.

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As we have already discussed that a penis with circumcision has less chances of catching an infection or a disease. An uncircumcised person should take special care of his hygiene, and should pull his foreskin backward, and thoroughly rinse the gland with soap, while having a bath.

Studies have proved that the chances of HIV are reduced on a circumcised penis

There are many studies conducted to see whether there is a possibility of being infected with HIV if you get your penis circumcised. The result was negative. Moreover, a study which was done in Brazil in the year 2006 has shown a clear correlation.

The result of the study has shown that the virus grows in warm and moist surroundings, beneath the foreskin of the uncircumcised penis.

The effect of circumcision on your sexual performance

The most common question, which might have come to your mind by now, is whether circumcision will have any effect on your sexual performance. The answer to this is that it will not have any effect on your sex life. In fact, a penis, which is uncircumcised, is more sensitive than a circumcised one. The main reason for this is that the head or the glans of a penis, which has been circumcised, gets tough, when it is in contact with the underwear.

There are men who think that they have premature ejaculation due to the fact that their penis has not been circumcised. They go on for consultation to the doctor, if they can have the circumcision of their penis done, as they believe that it would help them to overcome their problem. However, there is no scientific study to prove that a man with circumcised penis will be able to perform better in bed than the one with an uncircumcised penis. There will be no difference in your sexual performance.

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