Male Infertility And It Common Reasons

There are quite a few men, who suffer from infertility, yet don't want to discuss the issue with anyone. Nor are they comfortable treating it, as it is against their dignity. Today, this disorder is no way a reason to be ashamed of as there are better treatments that can heal it completely. Don't hesitate to talk about this problem with your partner, as she will definitely help you. With her help you can easily overcome this issue.

Reasons for infertility

The infertility in men can be due to hormonal imbalance. Psychological and physical reasons can also be the other reasons that can trigger this problem. Health issues and hectic life style can impact the fertility rate. Healthy men are likely to produce more healthy sperms.

If you smoke a lot, then it can make you infertile as it reduces the sperm counts. Don't get used to drugs, drinks, improper diet, and others. Your diet should include lots of vitamins and minerals. Wearing a tight undergarment can reduce the sperm count, thus be very careful about it.

Recent research and studies have shown that pollution and radiation that are present in the environment can causes infertility in men. The occurrence of varicocele, infection in the testicles, bended testicles, hormonal imbalance, genetic abnormality, and exposure to chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer, are some of the other reasons as well.

Consult a doctor

Infertility is one of the most common problems, which occur in men. It is a process where the couple in spite of having unprotected sex, are not able to conceive. If this occur continuously for five to six month, then it is necessary for you and your partner to consult a doctor.

These experts will at first diagnose the sperm count, which shouldn't be low. The male sperms have around five to ten percentage semen. The semen of the male impregnates women. Depending upon the severity of the issue, the doctors might recommend the best treatment. There are medicines that can be used for increasing the sperm count.

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Tests conducted

Some of the tests that would be conducted on a man who is suspected to be infertile are as follows -

Analysis of the semen and the sperms is the first step. You will be provided with adult magazines and videos, and you will have you give your sperms in a box, which will be sent for examination.

The second step is physical examination. It helps them in understanding the deficiency or hormonal imbalance that makes them infertile.

The third step is examining the hormones. Here, the multiple hormones and testosterone produced by the brain cells are checked.

The fourth step is testicular biopsy. Here the sperms are checked, and it is especially for men who suffer from no or low level of sperms. If the sperm count is too high, then it indicates that there is some blockage.

The fifth step is genetic testing. This test helps in identifying the problems with the sperms or the obstacles that can make them fertile.

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