Male Penis And Its Anatomy

The human body is a bit complicated and is not easy to understand its functionality. You cannot ignore its importance, as you can easily treat any issues. It is necessary to know penile anatomy, so that you can thoroughly enjoy sexual encounter. Even small information about your manhood can make great difference in your intercourse.

Composition of the penis

The male penis is made up muscles that are as soft as sponge. It is made up of three-layered structure, which are as follows -

  • Two Corpus Cavernose
  • Corpus Spongiosum

The Corpus Cavernose is cylindrically tube shaped and is larger than other chambers located inside the penis. It is situated inside the penis on the top half side, and it consists of the central arteries. The Corpus Spongiosum on the other hand is located below the corpus cavernose. It is surrounded by pipeline that is mainly used for sperm and urination.

About the structure

The head or the tip of the penis, is structured like a cone, and is known as the glans. Meatus is is the opening of glans, and the base is known as corona, which is shaped like a crown. At the penis's base is a sac of skin, which is called as scrotum. It holds the testicles, which successfully produces hormones and sperms.

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There are several functions of the glans. Some of the major functions are production of egg fertility, creation of extra friction during intercourse, and it acts like a shock absorber when penetrated inside the vagina during sex.

The glans during birth

The glans at the time of birth is completely covered with the foreskin, and has a small covering of skin on the top of the penis. When you are small, the skin is very soft and tight around that area, and so it is impossible to pull it back. However, the foreskin usually loosens as the child grows.

The foreskin actually protects the skin of the glans, as it is highly sensitive. During an erection, the foreskin pulls back, and the glans is visible.

As per the ritual practice in some communities, it is mandatory to remove this foreskin when the male child is quite young. This procedure is known as circumcision. This method has now become very popular especially in western countries. It helps in maintaining better hygiene. After circumcision, it is easier to keep the penis clean.

Behavior of penis during sex

The penis might get erected in different angles, though there is nothing to worry about it as it doesn't affect your sexual performance at all. When a man is aroused sexually, the nerve which surrounds the penis becomes active. The muscle, which surrounds the arteries, relaxes, and blood flows directly to the penis.

The portion of the penis which is like the sponge absorbs the blood, and makes them erect, allowing it to be hard and stiff. The erection of the penis does not allow the blood from the veins to leave until you are satisfied.

After ejaculation, a signal is sent from the brain that instructs the blood to flood out of the penis, and it comes back to the flaccid state.

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