Tips On Dealing With The Male Low Libido

What do you do when your partner, who was always excited about sex, is no longer interested in it? Well, it is very obvious that you will be worried. The lack of desire for sex is known as low libido, which can affect both men and women. This lack of sexual desire is only for a short period, and may be due to over stress. Give him some space and he will be back to his normal self.

Some of the reasons for lack of sexual craving

The most common reason for the decrease in male libido is work stress. He might be worried about the upcoming promotion or a client might be giving him sleepless nights. Most men do not realize that they carry their stress and worry from work to their home, and slowly to their bedroom. When the work load increases than automatically, the priorities change, and sleeping seems much more important than sex.

Depression can also be the cause behind low sexual desire, as it has been proven in a research, which was conducted by the University of Montreal. Most of the time, depression is not detected, and would cause permanent damage.

There are times when your partner is displeased with you over some issue, and the only way he might be showing it is by staying distance from you. This situation is not good for your relationship. You should immediately take steps to sort it out, as it will only make the matter worst.

Ways in which you can handle this situation

You will have to be patient, and handle the situation very tactfully. Some of the ways that might help both of you are: firstly, when he comes home, make sure that you spend some time with him making him feel loved.

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Secondly, when he reaches home looking completely stressed out make sure that he has a shower. Warm bath helps in reducing the level of stress.

Thirdly, you can also give him a massage, which would help him to relax.

The above mentioned steps do not guarantee that it will help you in having sex with your partner, but there are chances that he might get aroused and want to have sex with you.

Physical reasons for low sexual desire

The reason for low libido is not always psychological, but can also be physical. Your partner might be suffering from a disease, which can hamper your sexual life and also your relationship with your partner.

If your partner has low libido for a long period of time, then you should immediately consult a doctor, along with a psychologist. They will both work together to help him deal with this problem.

There might be chances that your partner might be suffering from diseases like prostate cancer or testicular cancer. These are very dangerous diseases, which can hamper your sexual life as well as your health permanently. If the disease is identified at an early stage then they can be treated successfully and this is possible due to the advancement in the medical science.

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