Verification Of Testicular Cancer Through Physical Self-Test

Testicular cancer is a dangerous disease. However, in the recent years there has been immense progress in the medical science and the experts in this field have successfully found a remedy to cure this cancer. Nevertheless, the treatment provided by the specialist will be fruitful only if the disease is diagnosed at an early stage.

This is the reason why you should always self examine yourself and immediately consult a specialist if you feel any difference in your testicular region.

How your testicles should actually feel and look?

The feel of your testicles should be firm and smooth, exactly like an egg, which has been boiled hard, but without the shell cover. The epididymis is on the crown of the testicle, and it is lumpy to the touch. However, there are a lot of men, who mistakes it to be the signs of cancer, while doing self examination and unnecessarily gets frightened. Make yourself clear about the fact that the lumpy epididymis is supposed to be on top of your testicles. What you require to check is your testicles.

Sometimes it is possible that, your testicles may swell up a bit, in case of an injury. This swelling might hide the bulge that might be developing in your testicle due to cancer. This is why it is recommended that you self examine yourself regularly, as it will help you to know your body better, and you will be able to make out any changes immediately.

Ways of self-examination

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It is necessary that you examine yourself thoroughly every month because it helps you to notice if your testicle has changed in shape or not, if it has any lump, or if it's hard.

Always examine yourself after a hot or warm shower, as it helps in relaxing, softening of your scrotum, and drooping down of your testicles. You can do the self-examination in any way that you are comfortable with either standing, sitting or lying down.

Firstly, take both the testicles and slowly roll it between your forefinger and your thumb. Try to make out if there is any difference since the last time you examined or touched it.

Secondly, try comparing both your testicles with one another. It is completely normal that one testicle might feel a bit larger than the other or hangs a bit lower than the other.

When should you consult a specialist?

The moment you feel a lump, which might be the size of a pea or a swell, you should immediately consult an urologist. The other symptoms that you can observe are that you will feel heavy on your scrotum, along with a pulling sensation. You will also notice frequent pain along with an uncomfortable feeling in your lower abdomen or your groin. Also, you may always feel tired.

In rare cases, when the cancer has reached the last stage, you will notice that your breast feels tender and there will be frequent attack of pain, along with coughing and shortness of breath.

These symptoms are usually not the cause behind testicular cancer, but if you have them or if you are in any kind of doubt, then immediately get your GP done after consulting the specialist.

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