Ways In Which You Can Handle Your Bent Penis

Most men are uncomfortable discussing about their sexual life. They are shy and reserved and don't like talking about it. Same is the case with men, as they are uncomfortable about disclosing their dark secret. Men don't like talking about the problem with urologist in spite of facing problems in their sexual life.

It is advisable that you do not take this issue lightly. Sex is an important part of everyone's lives, and both health and sex goes hand in hand. If you lead a healthy life, you will have an amazing sex life. A penis is one of the most sensitive parts of male body organs. You have to make sure that proper care is taken.

When should you consult an urologist?

You can consult an urologist, if you are facing any difficulty during erection or if it is quite painful. If you are having problems in making love as penetration is painful, or it might be possible that the whole act of sex might be painful for you.

If the shape of your penis seem to be of abnormal shape or it slightly bends then consult a doctor. Don't worry if it bends from right or to the left side, as it can be cured and you can still have sex. Such a situation should not be ignored and you need to consult an urologist. These signs might be that of a disease known as Peyronie. In the disease, scar tissue develops inside the penis.

Direction of the penis when erected

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

The direction in which the penis gets erected depends on the crus, which exposes the penis. A man who has longer penis has shorter crus have the tendency to point downwards during the erection. Whereas those with a shorter penis has longer crus, and their penis stands straight and point upwards. Sometimes the penis might point towards the right or the left side.

In most cases, the penis bends toward the norm for most men and it should not be any problem in having a proper sexual relationship.

There might be a time that your penis might have more pronounced curve. However, you should not be worried about this, as it nothing to be worried about. Majority of the men who have curved penis does not have any problem in bed. All that is required for you is to adjust some pose in the bed, and have a simple and erotic sex.

However, if you have peyronie disease, having sex would be impossible for you.

About having vitamin E and surgery

Some men have claimed that after taking Vitamin E in their regular diet, helps them to build up their erection. However, there is no proof of it scientifically, that shows that this technique actually works. The scar tissue can be removed surgically too. However, there are chances that you might lose the ability to have an erection. You will have to get an implantation of the prosthetic device.

It is recommended that you talk to your partner in case of any discomfort during sex. Let her know about it. You might believe it or not, it might affect her as much as it is affecting you.

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