Genital Herpes Is Incurable but Preventive

Genital herpes is also called as Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) and has two different forms – HSV-1 & HSV – 2. The common form is HSV – 2. Any person suffering from HSV-1 can infect his/her partner's genitals through oral sex.


It is a form of STD that is quite painful. It is transmitted through oral sex, unprotected vaginal or anal sex with an infected person. Infrequently, it can cause pain in the mouth that can be transmitted via saliva secretions. HSV cannot survive for long outside the body, so genital herpes cannot be contracted from an object like the toilet seat, suing the same towel, or others.


People exposed to STD's are often unaware, but in several cases the person has an outbreak causing significant discomfort. First the person experience pain or itching followed by sores after some hours or days. Sores mainly emerge on the penis, vagina, scrotum, anus, or buttocks that are red first and soon become red and watery blisters.

Urinating becomes very painful or sores can open up, oozing blood and fluid, which heals after two to four weeks. Other symptoms are fever, swollen nymph nodes, and headache.

After the blisters disappear, you may believe it to be cleared, but it stays hidden inside the body. It re-activates causing pain and irritation all over again. The person has around 4 to 5 outbreaks of herpes in one year, which varies from one person to the other. Generally, the number of eruptions gets reduced overtime.

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Threats to pregnant women`

Genital herpes elevates the threats of HIV infection because the Human Immunodeficiency Virus enters your body more effortlessly through sores via unprotected sex. Moreover, an infected pregnant woman carries a risk for the newborn child. If there are active sores visible during childbirth the doctors generally perform cesarean.

The percentage of threat is high for the pregnant lady, if there is an outbreak for the first time can cause a miscarriage. Additionally, during birth herpes infection triggers brain damage, meningitis and seizures for the newborn.


A surefire mode to defend against genital herpes is refraining. Sexually active teens must follow the proper and consistent method of having sex. Females who enjoy oral sex must have their partners wear dental dams for protection.

If any one of you have herpes outbreak, than avoid having protected sex (using dental dam or condoms) also, until all the blisters are healed. However, herpes can get transmitted sexually with or without an outbreak. If you are aware of having genital herpes then the only way to reduce this danger is to use anti-viral medicines.


If you or your partner has had genital herpes then it is wise to get diagnosed from your family doctor or a gynecologist. Genital herpes is incurable but doctors prescribe certain anti-viral medicines that control the recurring of HSV – 2 as well as clear the painful blisters. The doctor also guides you how to clean and dry the sores. Additionally, different methods are suggested to get relieved from the uneasiness, when the virus resurfaces.

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