Hepatitis B Virus Causes Liver Damage – Prevention and Treatment

What is hepatitis?

Hepatitis is liver inflammation. It is a powerhouse that performs 500 important functions. It regulates the blood levels and excretes bile that carries the toxic waste products. Blood from the stomach directly flows in to the liver, which splits up the nutrients and drugs in an easy form and diverts it into other body parts.


Liver inflammation is caused due to the many functions including bacterial function, collapse of immune system and liver injury, because of alcohol. In addition, it can be contracted from an infected person through libido or needles, intravenous drugs, and tattoo needles that has not been appropriately sterilized. An unborn child can also be the victim, because it has been passed from the pregnant mother.

There are three recognized hepatitis virus – hepatitis A, B, and C. Hepatitis virus D & E are the two that are quite rare. Several hepatitis viruses can be transformed. This situation cannot be handled by the immune system, because of the transformation. In several cases, hepatitis B & C destroys the liver. This state will require a liver transplant for survival that cannot be cent percent successful.

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Symptoms of hepatitis B are identical to other viral infections like flu that includes nausea, vomiting, fatigue, mild fever, and loss of appetite. There can be a severe abdominal pain. Furthermore, Hepatitis B causes jaundice. In this state, the skin and your eyes appear yellowish as well as your urine appears brownish. Some people realize the seriousness of the issue only when their medical condition becomes worst.

Duration of appearance of symptoms

Symptoms of hepatitis B are seen after two to five months of exposure. Several patients do not notice, until the condition gets severe. However, someone, who is unaware of this condition, can unknowingly spread this disease to others. Several people carry this virus, inside their body and are still communicable throughout their lives.


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Hepatitis B gets easily transmitted via blood and bodily fluids. This condition can be avoided by:

  • Abstaining from vaginal, oral or anal sex
  • Always use condoms fro any kind of sex.
  • Avoid having contact with an contaminated patient's blood
  • Avoid sharing any intravenous drug equipments
  • Do not share razors or toothbrushes
  • Tattoo parlors re-use needles sometimes, so select one that are careful in offering these services carefully
  • Even ear-piercing providers must be selected vigilantly
  • Make sure that health care professionals wear gloves every time, when they have to deal with body fluids or blood.


It is essential for all healthcare providers, kids and teens have to get vaccinated against hepatitis B virus. The immunization series of 3 shots is given over a period of six months period. New born babies also receive this immunization sequence.


For hepatitis B, medicines are prescribed and if condition is severe the patient is hospitalized. Several people recover within six months, while those having long-term condition will require being tagged on closely.

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