5 Things That Can Really Mess With Your Erections

It is funny how men can do, or rather accommodate things capable of causing erectile problems. Unfortunately, the majority of these men do not know that some of the things they indulge in can result in this humiliating problem. Preventative measures are imperative, and it can only happen when you are aware of ED causative elements. Here, I let you in on the five things that could be killing your erections right under your nose.

They include:

Low self-esteem

Self-esteem is a critical element of success in everything we do in this life. Right from our careers, to our relationships, business and matters bedroom, your level of self-esteem is imperative. Apparently, men with low self-esteem have a tendency of experiencing problems with their erections. They either have difficulties obtaining one or sustaining it during the entire duration of a sexual escapade. A study conducted at the University of Southern California revealed that men aged below 40 years, with self-esteem issues, usually suffer from sexual anxiety. Consider working on your self-esteem.


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Sugar has earned itself a new name – the sweet poison. I know how difficult it is to eliminate sugar from our diet, but the tons of benefits associated with the decision to do so are breathtaking. Sugar causes a myriad of health problems including diabetes which ultimately leads to sexual dysfunction. Dr.Rajan Bhonsle, an honorary professor at Mumbai’s KEM hospital, said that nearly 5 percent of diabetics patients suffer from erectile dysfunction, with the remaining 45 percent experiencing problems with erections every once in a while.

Anti-depressants and hypertension drugs

While some people cannot leave without them at some point in their lives, it is worth noting that one of their unfortunate side effects is sexual dysfunction. A good number of men who are on these medications may take unusually longer to obtain an erection. Some have difficulties maintaining it for as long as it is needed, with others having difficulties climaxing.

Soy-based products

Soy contains compounds that mimic human oestrogen, explaining why it decreases a person’s libido. Unknown to many, soy-based products have the potential to lower your testosterone levels. Unfortunately, the majority of protein supplements contain soy. Milkshake lovers may want to take a break to prevent further messed-up erections.

Anxiety and stress

Stress and anxiety are almost permanent in our lives. The worst part is that they emanate from all the areas of our lives. If it is not a strained relationship, it has to do with a horrible boss or non-productive employees, and if not, then it is something else. The thing is; this life is full of problems, but we must choose to look at all the things we are thankful about. We must stay positive no matter what to avoid ruining the good things in our lives – such as that amazing sex you enjoy with your partner. Stress, anxiety, and depression can kill your erections. If your situation is already way out of hand, identify a professional to help you overcome it.

Avoid Her Turnoffs

It seems you have well explored her, and you have already experimented most of those things with her in the bed. Else, you wouldn't have known about all of her ‘turn-on's' and arousing switches on her body. Good, in-fact others need to get a lesson from you, about this simple secret of an exciting sex life. But hold on, even the don'ts are significant. Bad breath, smelling or sore genitals, sweaty body parts, and other unhygienic things, can of course ruin her excitements and passion. These are the usual turnoffs for most women in the bedroom. So, it's equally important to be concerned about her turn-offs, like knowing the things that turn her on.

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