Big Penises Satisfy Women's Instinctive Need To Reproduce

Women are naturally attracted towards men with large penis. The main reason for this is that large penis sexually satisfies women and their sexual desire. Women have natural instinct to reproduce offspring and they feel that having sex with a man with large penis will help them to reproduce. Due to human instinct of reproducing and survival, women tend to get attracted towards large penis.

The primary reason why men worry about the size of their penis is because, they need it to impregnate women and produce a health offspring. It has been seen that women, who enjoy sex with a particular man and experiences an orgasm has higher chances of being impregnated by that man and produce offspring together.

Reproducing offspring: An important law of nature

It is important for men and women to have sex and reproduce, so that the human race would grow. This is the law of nature, which helps men as well as women to come close to one another with the desire to have sex. This law of nature is followed by every species that have the desire to reproduce and continue their race.

Just like animals, humans too are programmed to hunt for female and impregnate them, so as to continue the human race. However, if every human species have same opportunity of reproducing, then the human race would degenerate and eventually become extinct. Hence, nature itself has solved the issue through the process of natural selection.

The process of natural selection enables only the strongest and the best to survive and the weak would take a back seat in this race of life. It is the natural instinct in animals as well as in humans to fight for their survival.

Why do women get attracted to large penis?

Women enjoy sex as much as men do. Hence, they get attracted towards men with large penis. To gain a better understanding of the importance of large penis, let us take the example of two men, A and B.

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‘A' has medium size penis and ‘B' has large penis. Both men are able to sexually satisfy women in bed. However, if you ask the woman with whom she would like to stay with and enjoy sex for the next ten years, the woman will automatically select ‘B'. The reason for this selection is that, while ‘A' is working hard for stimulating a pleasurable experience for his partner and himself, ‘B' with a larger penis is able to stimulate pleasure on the vagina wall making sex enjoyable.

Another reason for selecting ‘B' is the psychological and visual pleasure, which turns on a woman, when she sees large penis.

  • Large penis increases the visual anticipation in a woman, and at the same time, it builds in the excitement making her anticipate sex.

  • Large penis is the sign of strength and masculinity in a woman's eye.

  • Large penis satisfies the women's instinct to reproduce and it represents fertility with more chances to get pregnant and produce offspring.

  • Large penis causes vaginal sensation and increases her chances of getting perfect orgasm.

    Large penis will not help if you are an awful lover. It is important to love and respect a woman, if you want to be a part of her life.

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