Women Prefer Big Penises Because They Give More Psychological Pleasures

Sexual pleasure builds in the excitement among men as well as women. It is completely natural when men get excited looking at large breasts. Likewise, large penis excites women. It is the size of large breast and penis, which excites both men and women.

Penis is one of the most exciting and favourite topic of gossip and conversation among women. Yes, women tell each other everything, from the length and breadth of your penis to how you satisfy her sexually. It is more important for a woman to have sex with a man, who has large penis than a man having sex with big breast woman. Read on to know more about women having sexual desire for large penis and men getting aroused, when they see large breasts.

When women sees large penis, it is treat for her. She anticipates sex and it arouses her. She looks forward to touch it and play with it. The situation is completely similar with men, when they see women with large breast.

Penis size matters to women, as much as breast size matters to men. Yes, this might be a shock to men with medium or large penis, but this is true.

Large breast and penis build in the visual excitement among men and women

It is just the visual excitement, and the imagination of being with a large breast woman or a man with large penis, which builds in the excitement. This excitement is visual as well as psychological.

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The satisfaction of being with a woman, who has large breasts, is a big turn on for most men, as they will be able to caress and play with it, during sex. Nibbling, sucking and biting the breast make sex exciting for both men and women. It has been noticed that men will be able to pick women with large breast even in a crowded place. There is nothing to be astonished, as this is how men are made. It is their natural sexual instinct, which attracts their attention towards women with larger breast.

Women too get excited with large penis, as they too will be able to caress, suck and lick it during sex. There are women, who enjoy playing with large penis before having sex. It is the natural sexual instinct of women. Yes, large penises have nothing to do with pleasure, but the psychological satisfaction that women obtain, when they have sex with a man having large penis is immense.

When you enter a shop, you always get attracted towards large items, largest chocolate bar in the store, largest fruit in the shop, or large gadgets. This is because of the natural human instinct, which is similar in both men and women. They get excited on seeing large products, whether it is food or electronic items. Large breast attracts the attention of all men, as they excite the senses of a man, when he looks at it. Similarly big penis does the same for women.

It is the desire of most men to have a larger penis. Being a man, if you want a penis, which is larger then think of a woman's attraction and desire to have sex with a man having large penis?

Feminine qualities in women attract the attention of men

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Men are attracted towards women having feminine qualities. Some of the features, which attract the attention of men, are:

  • Big eyes

  • Small nose

  • Full lips

  • Small chin and jaw

  • Slender neck

  • Small shoulder

  • Soft and slender hands

  • Large breast with large nipples

  • Curvy hip and round butt

  • Curvy and small waist

  • Firm and slender legs and feet

    The above given features are what attracts the attention and desire of a man. If a particular woman has all these feminine features, then it is seen that men favor her more than they favor women with lesser-pronounced features. The sole reason for this is that these women satisfy the male instinct, making a man feel that he is with the most desirable woman. This makes love making more exciting and pleasurable.

    Masculine qualities, which attracts the attention of women

    Just like men, women too are attracted to certain features, which arouse the sexual desire in them. Most women are attracted to men, with deep husky voices as they find it extremely invigorating and at times, it arouses their sexual desire.

    Men with large penis attract the attention of most women. Some other prominent features, which appeal them, are:

  • Broad shoulders

  • Square bodyline

  • Large hands and long fingers

  • Muscular

    These features arouse the natural sexual instincts in a woman and she will get attracted to men, who have all these features. It does not mean that women will not favor men with less prominent features, they will, but if she comes across a man with more pronounced features then she will be automatically drawn towards them. A man, who attracts the natural instincts of a woman, and who arouses her sexual desire, makes sex enjoyable for both the partners. Both partners would be anticipating the physical contact during sex making it fun and exciting.

    Women feel that men with large penis will not only be able to satisfy them in bed, but he will also be able to protect her. Hence, it would be completely incorrect to say that only few women are attracted towards men with large penis.

    Women enjoy sex as much as men do. They know what they want and like, when they are in bed. A woman will only be with a man, if she is sexually satisfied by him and feel protected and safe when he is around. It is important that you and your woman should guide each other in order to make sex enjoyable and fun. Large penis and breast are important, but if you know the art of pleasing your partner, then there is nothing better than that. Enjoy and have fun with one another, but at the same time, respect each other's preferences during sex.

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