If There Is Such A Thing As Too Small, Then Penis Size Matters

There are loads of people out there, who believe that the size of the penis does not matter to women. However, this is not the case, and everyone reading this should know. There are women, who do not acknowledge that large and thick penis is more exciting and fun.

Does size matter?

If you would go on to ask a woman, if she wants to have sex with a thumb size penis, prompt will come her reply “no”. She will go on to state and reason that it would be too small. Hence, making the statement true, that penis size does matter.

When a woman says, a thumb size penis will be too small then she means that it will not satisfy her sexual desires. She neither will be able to enjoy sex.

If a woman does not want a thumb size penis, it means that she desires something larger and bigger, something that will easily fit in her vagina, providing sensation and excitement during sex. However, we do not know the actual length of the penis that would make sex satisfying and exciting for women.

Usually, women do not like too small penis, but they do not prefer large penis too, as they feel that it might hurt them during sex. Hence, it is important that the man with large penis take things easy in bed, and avoid forcing his organ inside the vagina. Be, soft and slow, and you will see how she responds to you. Her fear of large penis will go, and with you, she will find sex enjoyable and satisfying.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

When the size of the penis increases, it makes sex more enjoyable for women, and at certain size, it will give maximum pleasure. However, if it increases too much in size, both in largeness and in thickness then instead of giving pleasure it will be painful. The size of the penis a woman prefers is based on the dimension of her vagina.

The attractiveness of the penis size is probably an evolutionary remnant. Bigger penises give better orgasms and create deeper bonds thereby enhancing reproductive success. However, if are strong and can protect your partner, then chances are that regardless of penis size, you can achieve reproductive success.

Experiment with different position to make your sexual life exciting

Men with small or average size penis should not get disheartened, yes size matters, but what matters more is the sexual satisfaction. Experiment with different positions, which would enable you to penetrate deeper and gives you a sensation of her vagina and clitoral region.

You have to remember that each woman is different from others and hence, it is important that you talk to your partner getting to know what she enjoys and tell her what you like to do. Do not worry about the size when you are having sex. Just go with the flow, use your mouth, your tongue and your hand to add excitement.

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