A Bigger Base Or A Bigger Head?

Getting a Bigger Base or Head - What Matters Most For Women

Men often think that the size of their penis is one of the most important things to maintain a relationship. This is not entirely true. However, you may find few women, who long for bigger dicks, but it never meant that rest of the women also want the same. Studies have shown that a big dick arouses women faster and satisfies them more.

The insecurities and misconceptions have given rise to penis enlargement products and procedures, which includes pills, exercises, surgeries and pumps. Why they are patronizing such products is easy to understand. Most of the men do it because they care for their partner and want to satisfy them and make them feel happy for what they have.

The other reason behind it is that a big penis means more confidence not only in bed, but also in day to day life. Men think that they can get a woman, if they have a large dick. Whatever be the reason, one thing is for sure. It helps to increase the level of happiness and directly the boom of penis enlargement industry.

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However, recent studies conducted showed that women are heavily satisfied with an average dick size. The reason is quite simple. Big dick can give more pleasure, but it is also known to cause more pain, which obviously women hate suffering from. This situation becomes more adverse in case a man is novice in the game and is not able to use proper techniques.

It is not only penis size that matters for pleasure instead the more contributing factor is the techniques or the methods you use to please her. Moreover, the way in which your penis is grown is also a contributing factor. Let us come to our topic now- A bigger head or a bigger base?

When it comes to appearance, a bigger head feels more appealing. It also increases a woman's will to go oral. However, a bigger shaft is more important when it comes to pure pleasure. As soon as the head goes inside, the clitoris is brushed efficiently with a bigger head. Therefore, it is the role of the base to provide more pleasure to a woman by increasing the rubbing and sensation to the clitoris.

It is also the matter of sex position when it comes to what is more important a head or a base. If you got a bigger head, you should definitely choose some sitting positions, which are more likely to satisfy her. If you have a bigger shaft, you should try the lying-down positions, which will help you as well as her in getting more pleasure.

Besides knowing about the head and the base size, you should also know that when it comes to getting more women and making them happy what matters is your nature. The compassion, care, warmth and love in a relationship are what matters the most. Make her happy and she will do anything for you.

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