Measuring The Penis

How to Take the Right Measurements of a Penis

Often people find it difficult to properly measure the penis length. Be it self-knowing, checking the effects of pills and exercise or any research work, you need to know the right method of measurement to get accurate details. There are two types of measurement, one which is done during erection and the other, which is done during the flaccid state. Let us see how it can be measured.

  1. The erect measurement

    A measurement which is done when the penis is fully erectile is what we call erect measurement. There are two parameters of this measurement. They are the length and the girth.

    Measuring the Erect Length

    Maximum percentage of men is interested in this length of penis. This is actually what matters to everyone. The best method to find out the erect length of penis is from the sides. You can take help from your partner, but make sure that you take help only from a person with whom you are completely comfortable.

    Comfort effects the erection as well. Make sure the penis is fully erect (100%). Only you are the one, who can tell if your penis is fully erect or not. If you do not feel ready for the measurement, you can do it the next time. Do not force yourself to a routine. Otherwise none of the measurement will come out to be accurate.

    Follow a method, which is used by researchers to measure average length. Make sure you take a flexible measuring tape with proper markings. Keep the tape at the side base and stretch up to the head. Note down the reading including the nearest millimetre reading. The minute change matters a lot if you are taking a pill.

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    Measuring the Erect Girth

    Again do this measurement only if your penis is fully erect. Hold your penis parallel to the ground and encircle the tape around the penis. Make sure it is neither too loose nor too tight. You will need your partners help to measure the girth accurately.

  2. The flaccid measurement

    This measurement is done when your penis is at rest. This measurement is the first thing that you need to do after penis exercise or to check the effects of the pill.

    Measuring the Flaccid Length

    Hold your penis in your hand parallel to the ground. Make sure you do not stretch it. Now start the measurement from side base in the same way as measuring the erect length. Make sure you measure the millimetres as well. One thing that should be noticed while measuring flaccid length is the temperature. Make sure the temperature is not too cold or hot, which can affect the flaccidness.

    Measuring the flaccid girth

    While measuring the girth of the penis, make sure you encircle the middle of the shaft in the tape. Often people make the mistake of measuring the girth near the head. To make sure you get the accurate reading, you should definitely hold the penis parallel to the ground and do proper measurement i.e. neither too loose nor too tight.

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