Exactly How Big Is A Big Penis

Get To Know About the Size of a Big Penis

Many people look for an answer to the question, what should be the size of your dick to be considered big? Several researches have shown that an average penis ranges from 5.5 to 6.25 inch. Generally, people are not interested in knowing the average facts and figures. Consider it the habit of satisfying one's ego or the privilege in society given to men with big dick, but lots of folks are interested in claiming that they've got a big dick.

However, giving answer to such a question is very difficult. It is like quantifying things, which have different aspect in different background. Can you give answer to question such as how much money is needed to be considered rich or what exactly should be your IQ to be stated as the most intelligent person? Obviously every such thing can be stated in averages and no exact number can define it.

Same is the case with a big dick. You can say that a penis bigger than average erect length is a big dick. That would mean any penis, which is larger than 6.25 inches is big. Now, people would complain that 6.5 inches would not be considered big, if 8 inches is considered. Obviously there are no set rules.

There is a range for everything and the size is big or small only when a reference is taken. Take it as a 20-dollar note, it is a big currency note when compared to 1 dollar, but is small when the reference is a big note. It all depends on you want to believe and the reference you are taking.

The concept of men asking about the dick size is completely wrong. You cannot get exact details on the internet. Most of the researchers have spent years in finding the right size of dick. Moreover, the length is not the only parameter considered to give you a tag of big dick. Do you want your dick to look like a long hot dog? Obviously not!

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When it comes to measuring a penis and claiming that you have got a big cock, you need to be sure with the parameters taken into account for measuring them. You can come across people, who have a dick longer than 7 inches in length, but that will not be considered big, if the girth is not more than 4 inches.

Let us talk about the average length, girth and flaccidness of a penis. Reading these stats will help you in determining if your dick is big, bigger or biggest.

What are the average penis measurements?

Studying the measurement of penis and finding out an average dates back to 1948. Yes, you might be surprised, but even then people used to think about the length stuffs and studies were conducted.

The “average penis size” study conducted and published by Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction in 1948 consisted of more than 3000 men. It is considered as the biggest penis study of all the time. The final result of this extensive research and study are mentioned below.

  • The average length of erect penis was found out to be 6.21 inches.
  • The average girth of erect penis was found out to be 4.85 inches
  • The average limp length of erect penis was found out to be 3.89 inches.

However, you cannot expect this result to be completely accurate. The minor (major for some) problem with this study was that after the erection, men were said to measure the size themselves. Now, can you agree to this fact that all of them gave the accurate measurement related to their dick?

Well, although it had this slight problem (as the institution would say), it continued to be the most widely accepted study even when the measurement was done in absence of any supervisor.

Male prides can fudge the data and make us doubt the accuracy of these results. The doubt further increased after the commencement of studies done by Lifestyle Condoms in the year 2001.

Lifestyles Condoms conducted this study on 400 of their patients with the help of 2 supervising nurses working under a doctor. This was more or less systematic approach in finding out the studies of penis size. The results are accepted even now and they were.

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  • The average length of erect penis was found out to be 5.87 inches.
  • The average girth of erect penis was found out to be 4.97 inches.

Well, you might think that this is the widely accepted study, so it might not have any flaw. However, do you think a man will be able to rise in presence of two nurses and a doctor, who are ready with some instruments to measure the length and breadth? It was more like bondage study in which 400 men were entitled to drop their pants and get their dicks measured for study.

The low average length of men under Lifestyles Condoms study was blamed on the strict procedure followed by them. Anyhow, the average continues to be counted in a range of 5 to 6 inches and if you have a cock, which is larger than 6.5 inches, you can certainly claim to have a big dick or at least satisfy yourself with the idea that you have a big one.

What do you need to call your dick big?

Let's get into more details and find out what you need to have to call your cock big, really big or freakishly big. To help you draw a conclusion, we will talk about percentage of people. Enough said about average size, now we will talk about average number of people, who have these sizes. Generally, men are categorised into three broad categories. These are:

  • Percentage of people whose cock size is smaller than 5 inches
  • Percentage of people whose cock size is larger than 6.5 inches
  • Percentage of people whose cock size is in the range of 5 to 6.5 inches

Let's get back to the studies conducted by Kinsey institute. They also gave detailed info on the percentile of people falling in each category. You need to know in which group you fit to claim that you have a big penis.

According to the studies conducted by Kinsey institute:

  • Only 11.8 % of total men had an erect penis length in between 3 to 5 inches (i.e. less than 5 inches).
  • A considerable 65.7 % (approximately the two third of total count) had an erect penis length in between 5 to 6.5 inches.
  • Around 22.7 % (approximately under a quarter) were found to have erect penis length of more than 6.5 inches.

So, if you have a penis size of more than 6.5 inches, you can blatantly say that you have got a bigger dick than rest 77% of men. Therefore, even the size 6.6 inches gives you entry to the exclusive big dick category. Voila, you have got everything you ever wanted.

The competition between bigger dicks

The parleys of big cock haven't stopped yet. In this category as well, you have various sub categories. If you are in the top most categories, you will feel like a king, no doubt. Let us dwell deeper into these 22.7% of people. According to studies conducted by Kinsey institute:

  • Around 17 percent of men are found to have erect penis length of about 7 inches. This means that statistically, you have a bigger dick than around 83 % world's male population. Well, there are a few people, who have bigger dick than you do and it solely depends upon you in which way you want to take the results.
  • There are around 7.5 % men, who have an erect penis length of 7.25 inches. You are lucky, if you have a cock bigger than around 92.5 percent of total population of men.
  • Now the top most list. Men who have an erect length of 8 inches or more are just 1.8% (unlike what you always thought). This technically means your dick is bigger than a massive 98.2 % of the world's men population.

However, if you compare these stats to the study and inferences of Lifestyle's Condoms, you will find that there is an enormous difference in the result. According to them, you are privileged, if you have a dick size of more than 7 inches. Their average was smaller than the average of Kinsey, so the man with more than 8 inches was special species for them. Let us have a look at the stats of Lifestyle's Condoms.

  • The percent of men with erect penis length of more than 7 inches was found to be only 4.5 percent. This means, according to lifestyle's Condoms, you are bigger than 95.5 percent of men.
  • An infinitesimal 0.8 percent of total 300 men were found to have a size of more than 8 inches. Imagine 99.2% men in world have got smaller dick than you.

The final inference

Now, let us draw the conclusion based on these data. Taking into consideration the information regarding erect penis length, you can certainly say that having an erect penis length of 7 inches means you are in the top 17% of the population. You should be glad to hear this fact and you can tell anybody and everybody that you are among the category of men, who have the biggest dicks in the world.

If you have a penis length of around 7.25, you should be glad to hear that out of 10 around 9 men have shorter dicks than you (feeling special?) Well, men with penis length around 8 inches can celebrate because they are the top 2% population, which means that there is only 1 out of 50 men, who've got penis size same as yours.

What about 8 Inches Plus?

Well, now the question is what if you have a size more than 8 inches. You will obviously feel like a king. You come under the elite group of men, which are very rare to find on this earth. You share the feature with Eddie Murphy, Don Johnson, Liam Neeson and Steve Martin. You can proudly go and tell your ex girls what they missed in life.

Well, bigger is not always better. The mad Russian friar's 11 inches ethereal penis is the star attraction in the “Russian museum of erotic”. To our surprise, it is pickled in the glass jar there and is subjected to several studies as well (weird isn't it). Do you want the same thing to happen with your cock?

The final words

As you have seen, a few inches can make a difference in the perception of small and big dicks. Going technically, the difference between 6.5 and 7.5 is merely an inch. However, when we consider penis, this single inch adds a lot of confidence in a man. It all depends upon the way you want to accept the reality.

You can start moaning for getting a bigger dick or can also feel satisfied by seeing the number of people, who have much more smaller dick than yours. A study conducted by the University of California in 2006 proved that around 45% of men wanted to have a bigger dick irrespective of what size they had.

The reason behind such wish was the confidence and amount of girls they get with bigger dick. However, you would be surprised to know that the same study revealed that around 88% men considered their dick of the average or bigger size (well, it just showed the never-being satisfied behavior of human being).

You can invest your energy in penis exercises, penis devices or can take some pills to increase the size, if it matters to you. However, do not aspire to get the biggest one, which will put you not in the king size group, but the unique weirdoes, whose dick would be preserved for future references and such studies.

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