How Women REALLY Feel About Penis Size

You would have encountered several men claiming that a healthy relationship depends upon the size of your penis. We do not disagree to this fact, but what matters more in a relationship is the warmth, commitment and love. At least, this is what most of the women think. You need to be good in bed to make your love last. However, you need to have love to make it last.

The irony

The irony here is that most of the women think just opposite of what men believe they think. Unfortunately, women never had proof to claim that the size does not matter as no study was conducted on this topic. However, a recent study conducted by UCLA and Cal State LA gave the results, which will be astonishing for you.

  • Around 84% women were fully satisfied with the size of their partner's penis.
  • Merely 14% wished that it would be larger.
  • 2% women were found to wish for partner with smaller penis.

84% women! It is not a small figure to ignore. If you think size matters to women then you would have encountered the 14% species. This study at least made us believe that size is not everything.

Now, you can question the relevancy of the study. The study was more of an open book kind of survey. This question was raised on to which 26,437 women replied. Now do you think 26,437 is a small figure to ignore?

The women were not only teenagers. Instead, females from all ages i.e. 18 to 65 responded to this. They were not under any kind of surveillance and were free to speak their mind. Therefore, your doubt about the relevance of this survey should be cleared. Why would women lie if no one is noticing?

Satisfaction rate is higher in women than in men

You would be surprised to hear that a similar survey conducted by proved that men are likely to be more dissatisfied with their penis size than women with a partner of same size. A total of 25,594 men gave response to this survey and the results were.

  • 12% men are not satisfied with their penis size whereas this percentage is half when it comes to women considering the same penis size i.e. 6%.
  • 22% men are satisfied with their penis size and the number of women thinking so is far more i.e. 27%.

This survey clearly proved that men are more concerned about their size and often they exaggerate the feelings of women about their dick. Women are sensible creatures. They care more about what's inside your heart rather than what's down there.

The time changed

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The urge for big dick was never seen in history. The ancient studies and novels further prove that bigger was not considered better when it came to penis size. A 423 B.C. Aristophanes' play, The Clouds showed a character reprimanding felonious young men about the punishments of getting larger dicks if their bad behaviour continued.

The same play also showed that good men were bestowed with small dicks, which were considered ideal then. Satyricon, the Roman novel, also described men at public baths who used to make fun of a character with large penis. The Greeks and roman novels provide different proof of small penises, which were considered beautiful and perfect.

The classic view of smaller is better is also depicted by ancient paintings and sculptures. Have you ever encountered an ancient painting with a large dick? Such evidences clearly state that men were never supposed to have bigger penis and it really never mattered.

People then used to think that a bigger scrotum was more necessary for better sex. Whereas, penis was considered more as a sort of injection for injecting potent seeds (what we call sperm these days). Bigger scrotum and small penis meant better potency and power.

In ancient time, masculinity has more to do with physical attributes than with penis size. The same theory follows even now. Ask a woman if she'll select penis size over body structure and your doubt will be cleared.

The actual effect of pornography

Men's dissatisfaction with their size and arrival of myths related to women's attitude are also the result of porn movies. These movies feature men with long dicks and thus long penises became the ideal one. The sex photography and pornography industry bloomed in 1800s, which paved the way to “bigger is better” thinking.

Pornographies are watched by both the genders. Featuring bigger penises had adverse effect on both the sexes, be it male or female. The whole focus of pornography was towards male ejaculation, which directly focused on dicks.

The penis enlargement surgeries, pills and measurement dilemma

After the pornography bloom, men rushed to get bigger dicks. Pills and exercises have been in use from long time. However, recently men are also taking the help of surgical methods to increase the size. Do you think any of their partners asked them to go under the knife to get a larger dick?

Often people have dilemma regarding the measurement. If you are taking pills and want to measure the increase in dick's size, you should follow the right method. Measure the erect length from base to head. Do not forget to include millimetres marks as well. This will help you in finding the most appropriate measurement.

While taking the measurement of girth, make sure you keep the tape in centre of the shaft and not near to end or head. Always be sure that you are choosing the exact place to get better results.

Height weight and size

The size of penis is affected by weight as well. If you become obese, the abdominal fat will cover most of the base of the penis and it will appear smaller in size. Similarly, a man with great height will find the size dissatisfying than a short man with same dick size.

No matter what size of penis you have. You will be wanted more for your nature, warmth and compassion than your penis size. Make sure, the size of dick does not affect your life because it does not affect the life of women (as you thought).

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