The Cave to Africa: History of Penis Enlargement

The idea of penis enlargement may seem to have come from today's world, but in fact, it has a rich history. Penis has been fascinating to humankind since the beginning, especially large penises. Several cultures around the world have erected huge penis statues and monuments. Also, the cave drawings show kings and men of power with large penises.

Archaeologists are repeatedly finding examples of the same and leaders and Gods are pictured having large penises. This clearly explains that humankind has always valued large penises and the concept of penis enlargement is not new, but it existed right from the beginning of humankind.

The Cave Days

It has always been a subject of interest to know how prehistoric people were and how their lifestyle and culture was. Archaeologists work hard to find new clues about prehistoric people and with the help of discoveries made, one thing is certainly clear that the idea of bigger is better prevailed then too. Paintings discovered in caves show that royal men or the one who hold leadership power always had large penises. Around the globe, there are a number of cultures, which respect men with large penises. Moreover having a certain size of penis was really important to get higher level in society.

Asian theories

People from China are best known as herbal leaders. Sometimes it seems like they have an herb for almost anything and everything. This is no different when we talk about enlarging a penis. Asian theories and methods of penis enlargement always involve the use of herbs. Chinese herbal doctors use herbs like Ginseng and Yohimbe for enlarging male anatomy.

These herbs were certainly effective but the results were slow as well as varied from person to person. This left men with a need of finding a new alternative. The studies prove that these men became desperate enough to feed on penis and testicle of animals. However, when this idea did not work there was no other way but turning back to herbs and surgical methods.

Arabic Cultures

It has always been both important and necessary for an Arabian man to have a large penis and owing to this, they are taught a method, jelquing, right from their teenage. The origination of the jelquing is still unclear but jelq in Arabic means milking. As a boy turns thirteen and enters the passage of turning into manhood from boyhood, he starts performing the act of jelquing. The act involves massaging the penis until it starts getting erect and once it is semi erect stop massaging and let it loosen again.

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The African Custom

Who doesn't know about Africans and their giant penises. Well, it is not miracle, but people belonging to African cultures have worked really hard to achieve a bigger penis size. It is discovered that about 2000 years ago, people belonging to African tribes used to hang heavy weights from their genitals with an intention to obtain a bigger size. This was definitely a risky method of getting a bigger penis and also it reduced penis thickness. However, it is surprising to know that several African tribes are still practicing this method.

The obsession of getting a bigger penis does not really end here. Shangaan tribe of southern Mozanbique follow a tradition to ensure their sons succession in getting a large penis right after his birth. The tradition states that as soon as male child is born, a tree is planted in the yard of his house and it is believed that the tree and the boy is one. Soon after the child starts the intake of solid food, small pieces of the root bark of the tree is mixed in his food.

It is strongly believed that as the tree will grow so will the boy's penis. As soon as the desired penis size is achieved, the tree is chopped. This tradition is still practiced today and they insist on starting it soon after the male child is born, it is said even if anyone has missed it, he can start later since the root bark works for adult males too.

Some more traditions

If you think hanging heavy objects against genitals and eating tree barks is weird and risky than you really need to hear what members of Topinama tribe of Brazil do to get a bigger penis. This one is really scary and it seems to have jumped out of an horror medical movie. Men of Topinama tribe would go and find a poisonous snake and try to manipulate it in such a way that it bites them on their penis.

It is believed that if the venom is injected like this in their bodies, it will give them a bigger penis. This is not all, once this is done, a man has to suffer nearly for six months and after that, they get a bigger penis, which is believed to be irresistible for their partners.

One more strange tradition in this pursuit is the one practiced by Borneo men. They insert a metal rod or a bone in their private to maintain a permanent erection. However, later this practice gained more popularity. Today, men around the globe are piercing their private organs with an intention to impress their woman.

20th Century: The era of modern techniques

As the time passed, men came with several new inventions that could help with penis enlargement. Things like mechanical jelqing and penis pumps came into existence. Gradually, achievements in surgical procedures were also achieved. Today, with the help of doctors and such surgical operations, men can enlarge their penis up to 1 inch. Well, of course a certain level of risk is involved in operations since they come with a big list of possible complications. Depending on personal mentality, for some it is worth the risk and for some it is not worth at all.

Looking at the history of the importance of this subject, anyone can understand why men are so much obsessed about their penis size. Certainly, for a man his penis size speaks it all and the level of personal satisfaction that a man feels is worth believing and trying almost anything.

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