Avoiding Penile Underdevelopment

Tips To Avoid Penile Underdevelopment

Male hormone and the genetics decide the penis size. If you have a small penis, it could be due to various reasons. It is possible that it was supposed to develop, but something might have gone wrong and this stopped its growth. What you could do is you could eat well and avoid situations that retard the growth of your penis. If your body supplies right amount of growth hormones to it, it will develop in the right way. Few factors that could affect its growth are-

  • Malnutrition among young boys
  • Severe sickness like fever or jaundice during that stage
  • Physical or mental stress

According to the reports and researches, these factors have affected the overall development of the body in individuals. Hence, this issue must be taken seriously. As parents, it is your responsibility that your child gets best food and friendly environment, so that he grows up well. It is only your support, which will help him to develop and become a healthy being.

Does bicycling leads to small penis size

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Impotence in men has become quite a serious issue. Scientists are working hard to find out the right reasons for this problem. A recent study indicates that extensive bicycling could be one of the causes of small penis. When a boy rides a cycle, he could experience problems like penile failure, shrinkage or genital numbness. You could avoid bicycling extensively to prevent penile underdevelopment.

When you sit on the saddle, you concentrate all of your weight on the area between the sit bones or the perineum. All the blood vessels and nerves that nourish the penis are funneled in this area. When you put your entire body weight on these vessels, you are minimizing their capacity to supply the growth hormones and the nutrients to the penis. If this procedure is repeated over and over again, it will affect the development of the organ.

This chronic saddle pressure will eventually narrow down your vessels and damage them badly. Now, even if you are not riding the bicycle, the blood vessels will not supply the required blood to the penis. If the organ does not receive sufficient growth hormones at night when it is expected to grow the most, the size of penis will shrink.

Will changing the saddle help?

These bicycles are available with different types of saddle as per your convenience and comfort. Narrow hard type sale will cause maximum damage to your body and hence you must avoid it. You could buy a broader, comfortable and comparatively soft saddle that will not damage your body. Nowadays, various ergonomic saddles with hole in the middle are available in the market. They are best to purchase, as they will relieve extra pressure from the perineum. Besides this, you could buy the saddle that is pointing few degrees downward. Not only this, you must ask your son to take a break and stand up after every 10- 20 minutes.

You could also ask the child to use other means of transport like auto, bus or scooter. Besides this, you have to ensure that your son does physical workout every day. These precautions will help you to avoid any negative effects on his overall development.

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