The Penis Size vs. Race Debate

Relation between Penis Size and Races Debunked

Many of us are aware of the habits of some men when it comes to comparing the penis size. A man whose penis size is above average feels it satisfying to compare with fellow friends and other acquaintance. The “big penis respect” that comes with the size is more likely the main reason behind these comparison problems.

A series of rumours, assumptions, exaggerations prevail in society when it comes to penis size of various races. Among the various things that a normal man thinks you can also find their ideas behind major differences in length. The racial stereotypes are even made by certain people, who have no idea about other person or place.

The assumptions

Let's take the example of black people. Often the white people think that black men have considerably bigger dick. This information is not given to them by some research work or any institute. Instead they draw a conclusion mainly by word of mouth or watching the pornographies that feature black men with big dicks.

Having bigger dicks in porn does not guarantee that their average erect penis length is larger than brown or white people. You should draw a conclusion only after reading research paperwork or seeing the results of studies conducted by the institutes.

Several white men also believe that brown people are smaller in height so technically they will have smaller penises as well. However, do you think this is the right way of stereotyping everybody?

Europeans used to think till 1952 that being black meant having big dick because they were closer to animal species. However, this whole assumption ended when Frantz Fanon carried out some research and proved that there was no relation between African descendants and big penises.

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However, even after the proof given by Frantz, this myth prevails in western society and it will take like forever to wash away. Moreover, certain studies have shown that the difference between average erect penis length is not high and it should not be used to make stereotypes.

The definite proof

A definite proof came after the studies conducted by WHO, which used the penis length to make condoms. The stats of their studies were.

  • Black men actually have slightly broad and long penis size. Therefore, their condom width is 5.3 cm.

  • Caucasian males have medium size with 5.2 cm condom size suitable for them.

  • Asian men are actually in the bottom with narrow and short penis. 4.9 cm is the width of their standardized condoms.

    The most important thing that should be considered when you talk about penis is the satisfaction it can provide to your partner. Length is not everything that matters.

    However, if you want to grow the size to gain confidence, you can try different penis exercises that are known to provide positive outcome. You can also take penis enlargement pills and traction devises, if you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars for your private part. These will certainly help you get desired results.

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