Penis Enlargement Myths Debunked

Exposed Reality of Most Common Dick Enlargement Myths

Just because something is mentioned on internet does not make it legitimate or true. People often forget this and blindly go with whatever internet tells them. Be it techniques to cure acne or to enlarge the penis. The false information and misleading advices given on various webpages, have given rise to several myths. These myths need proper clarifications.

If you are also a man looking on the internet to find some ways of increasing your penis size, you can easily relate yourself to the frustrations we are talking about. You will find infinite number of information about getting larger dick in no time. However, just ask yourself, are they true? No, obviously not. You cannot get it in just a matter of seconds. It is possible somehow, but not in a way that most of the webpages claim.

You can easily find people blindly trusting on the penis enlargement medicines. You may also come across with group of people, who think that it is all some bullshit and nothing happens in real. Well, none of the group is right in its place. The misleading information and varying opinions about such products can drive you nuts. Let us encounter such myths and find the reality behind them to help you in clarifying your doubts as well.

Myth 1

Big dick overnight pills are actually available and they can enlarge your dick in just 24 hours.


This is definitely a myth. Although we have encountered a lot of advancement in recent time, but you cannot expect miracles to happen. Think for yourself, can any magic pill make your hair long in 24 hours or can a pill make you fair in 36 hours? If not all this can happen, then why will, you even think that something like this will happen with your penis.

After all, it is also a part of your body. You cannot expect it to become twice the size in few days. Even the penis enlargement surgeries take time and their results take more than 2-3 days. If a surgical implant cannot do the miracle in that time, how can you expect a medicine to do such a thing?

However, this does not mean that no pill works. Obviously, pills work, but they can take months or even year. The growth of penis is a biological phenomenon that can be altered, but cannot be reinvented.

Myth 2

Average penis is big in size i.e. more than 8 inches long.


Some of you might be happy to hear that it is not so. Say it the influence of late night television series or the effects of pornography, normal people have started thinking that average cock is larger than 8 inches. However, the reality is just the opposite. Average dicks are big but the big here is 6 inches and not the 8 inches long what most of the people think.

Bigger size of dick is related to the confidence level as well. However, proper studies have shown that an average dick size is just 5 to 6 inch and that too when it is fully erect. Remember, this 6-inch size is of the fully erect penis unlike what people think. Moreover, the averages also vary with country and races.

If you think, you are the only one with a 6-inch cock, which is small (at least according to you). Then remember there are thousands and millions of men who are just your size and happy with it. Yes, you can also start modelling for pornography with this dick size because you got an average dick.

Myth 3

Penis enlargement products do not work at all


Such myths generally originate from two classes of people- one, who have never tried any such products, and the other, who were not patient enough to wait for the time these enlargement methods such as pills actually worked. However, you would be happy to hear that this is not at all true. Although you may come across some frauds, there are several pills, which actually work.

You need to be very sure about the medicine you are taking. Generally, the pills suggested by experienced gynaecologist work wonders, when it comes to penis enlargement. However, as mentioned before, do not expect miracles to happen. If you are seriously willing to get a bigger dick, you need to be patient.

Most of the patients complain that these pills take lifetime to work. However, this is not true. They do take time, but the time varies from months to years. Always bear one thing in mind, you are taking these pills and altering your regular metabolic routine. Therefore, your body will take time to adapt to these changes and start responding. Moreover, the adaption rate varies from person to person. Therefore, stay calm and let the medicine do its work.

Myth 4

Penis enlargement pills cause long term adverse effect on the human body

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Again, it is just some crap said by people, who have not even tried any such pill or have not followed proper precautions prescribed to them. Even the implants and other surgical methods do not cause long lasting side effects then how would you think of these pills to cause devastating effects.

We do not deny the effects caused by them, but they are just minimal problems. However, if you follow all the precautions mentioned by your doctor and take proper dosage with the diet, you will overcome these problems in no time.

Be sure with the type of pill you are taking. Also, get a proper body check-up before starting any medication. Do not just look on the internet and get fascinated by the before and after display pictures. You need to follow everything that your doctor asks you to do. The difference between good pill and bad pill is what it takes to get the desired outcome.

Myth 5

The penis size can increase solely by following the traditional exercises meant for this very purpose and no pill or cream can replace it.


This myth is half reality as well. People have actually found great outcome after following the traditional exercises for this problem. However, the fact that these exercises work does not mean that other pills and devices will not. The number of people thinking exercise works is same as the one, who deny this claim.

Moreover, researches conducted by scientists have shown that these exercises actually work. The results differ for different persons because of their body structure and the routine, but it actually works.

Myth 6

The effect of these penis enlargement methods such as pills, devices and surgeries is not permanent and the results can fade away with time.


Well, we have a series of misconceptions about penis enlargement. People usually think that it is a reversible processes, but it is not true. Do these people want to say that your dick will start growing inwards or in opposite direction? Firstly, an actual enlargement process will take months. Secondly, if it has actually grown in size it may stop the growth, but will never reduce in size.

Think of it as a pill for increasing the height. It may or may not help you to increase the height, but will never make you dwarf. This is the same case with your dick. Either your penis will not grow in size in the first place or if it manages to grow, it will never become small.

Few people, who have never tried such things themselves, claim such things. These are also people, who claim to be experts without having even the basic knowledge about such things. You can also find men with small penis blaming everything on pills not accepting the fact that they were born simply in that way.

You would be surprised to hear that people often think the same way about surgeries as well. Once your penis implant or enlargement surgery is done, there is no way your dick will become smaller unless and until there is some defect in the process. A successful penis enlargement surgery will make your dick look bigger ever and forever. If this is not the case, do you think people will spend hundreds and millions of dollars for some temporary results?

These were all the common myths related to penis enlargement products and surgeries that you come across generally. Reading the reality behind all these myths will definitely help you in selecting the best procedure for your penis enlargement. You should also keep one thing in mind that size does not matter much.

It is not the only thing in a man's life. However, if you think that it is a matter of concern for you, always do proper research. Make sure, you go to a doctor and ask him for help instead of searching on the internet. This procedure will irritate you less and help you in finding the most appropriate solution in minimum time.

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