Never Use Padded Underwear to Fake a Big Bulge

If You are Thinking of Wearing Padded Underwear to Fake a Big Bulge You Must Read This

If you think that women, who put on pushup bras, are going to be cool with you wearing padded underwear, then you are wrong. Just like how you do not like to be fooled with the pushup bras, women too prefer men with bigger penis than padded underwear. Well, you must have heard and read before that size does not matter, but the truth is whom are we fooling? Penis size has always mattered to women, unless you are sex god.

You definitely know how obsessed are women concerning their breast size. They use padded bras, breast-enlarging ointments and even at time stuff, it will paper tissues. Few women are even open to breast enlarging surgeries and medicines that can help them in enlarging their breast. Women are mostly open to try anything that can help them look more feminine to men.

Now, since women take so much trouble to please their men with big breast, you can imagine how important it is for them to see their men with big penis. It is simple and easy to understand that females assume that males are equally obsessed about female's breast size like females are obsessed about their penis size.

Why padded underwear

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Since women are easily impressed looking at hefty package, padded underwear was invented. It is also widely known as “paddy” and “the warrior brief”. It was believed that if women can use padded bras and show off something that they do not really own so can men. Well, that is not how it works. For sure, it is a clear business idea, but keep in mind that, if a girl watches you wearing a padded underwear, you have lost it forever.

You might be wondering why women are such hypocrites. They do not approve men of wearing such appearance enhancing apparel while they wear it themselves. In an independent survey, this question was asked to several females and most of them came up with the same kind of reply.

When she undresses and you come to know that she was wearing a wonderbra, it is going to disappoint you just a little and your disappointment is going to fade away as you move ahead towards the main action. On the other hand, since the main action is to do with your penis size her disappointment continues until the end.

She feels betrayed. Clearly, she will be more than just disappointed. This will create an impression that you have cheated or used some cheap trick to get her. All her mood and expectations will be crushed in a second. On top of that, your first impression will be of a loser. Also, be rest assured that all her friends and future boyfriends will know about it since she will surely discuss about this incident with them.

So, keep in mind that if you fake about your penis size, it is not going to do any good at all.

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