Some Advice For Well-Endowed Men

Advice for Well-Endowed Men - Ways to Deal with the Long Penis Size

If you think that only small-endowed men face problems with their penis, you are wrong. It is true that life is certainly not easy for those, who have small penis or micro penis, but even the well-endowed men have to face various issues. Some of the problems faced by them are mentioned in this article.

Emotional issues

  • Most of them feel that they are being used by the opposite sex

  • They are respected only as a sex object

    Some penetration issues

  • Some of them have too thick penis

  • Some men have a long penis

    What type of emotional problems they face?

    Now, first let us understand the emotional problems they face. These men certainly do not find it good to be used as a sex object by the opposite sex. Women will come to you, take you for a night, and then leave you, as if you are filth. According to them, it is your job to satisfy them. Men do not like to even sleep with such ladies with whom they do not want to have sex. Many of these girls think that they are beautiful and smart and hence they deserve your penis.

    It sometimes becomes bitter because they give respect to your penis, but not you. You will certainly not find it good, if these women will look at your bulge instead of glazing in your eyes. You might dream to spend some quality time with your partner, have oral sex and enjoy with her rather than just having a boring sex with any girl. However, in the present situation, you have to perform for the girl and hence you cannot fulfill your interests.

    Is there any solution to emotional problems?

    Every problem has a solution and even this issue has a perfect remedy. The very first thing that you have to do is stop moving with any girl, whom you come across. It is not true that you have to be ready anytime they ask you to have sex just because women believe men love to have sex. You must ask them to wait. You could have sex only when you like to have and not when a girl loves your penis. You could preserve your sexual energy for that special girl, who really deserves your love and care in life.

    However, if you like to have sex with multiple partners then just do it. It is all about what you think and feel and not what they want. You must not hide your pleasures just because of a girl, who is quite possessive about your penis. You could enjoy your life too. If you have not made any commitment and you are not in love with her then you certainly do not owe her your sex life. If you have a big penis, you must carry it with pride and respect.

    Check out the penetration issues

    Let us discuss the penetration issues faced by these men. Not all men face such issues in life, but their sex life surely gets affected by long and thick penis. You might be having an ‘A' grade penis, but still you might have difficulty to have perfect sex. You have surely given a good size penis by God, but certainly do not know how to use it in the right manner. These penetration issues often disturb you because you have either very wide penis, quite long penis or both.

    What do men believe?

    Some men with penis size of more than 8 inches long believe that they might hurt their girl while having intercourse with them. Not all women like big penis because each time they have intercourse their uterus is badly hurt. However, if your penis is smaller than 9 inches you must not face such issues. All you have to learn is the right technique and timing to have good sex.

    Wait for the right time

    Now what do you mean by the right timing. You must give your woman, the time to adjust with your penis size. It could take few days, few weeks and even a month. Before learning the right technique of having sex, you must understand vaginal tenting. As you are in your bed with your girl, she might still not be ready to have sex. Her vagina does not open properly in the beginning. Even if the girl is wet, her vagina might not stretch well. Before intercourse, the vagina must be warmed up properly and the vagina must be expanded on her own.

    Initially, her cervix is laid only 3 - 4 inches above her vagina. You could put your finger inside it to feel this. Once she feels a little excited, her uterus will automatically retract into the abdominal cavity. Now, some extra vaginal space is created, which was not there before. The whole process is known as the vaginal tenting or the vaginal ballooning.

    Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

    What you must do?

    You must be thinking how to find out that your girl is at the right stage. While she is in bed with you, you must ensure that your girl receives the right arousal. You could do anything like use your fingers, use your mouth or you could use few inches of your penis, so that she feels excited. Now once she has achieved that expanded stage, you could feel that with your fingers that her vagina is pretty wider and it has become harder.

    Now, you could have sex with full length. However, start it gently. After a little while, you will know that her vagina has maximum capacity and now you could bang in hard. Not all men have great self-confidence and right attitude to talk to pretty ladies. Now, if you are having difficulty in approaching them, you could learn how to get over this issue easily.

    Are you following the right technique?

    Now, her vagina is in the right stage and her uterus is pulled back. Are you still hurting her cervix with a long penis? If yes, this could be due to your wrong technique of penetrating inside her. If you do not want to give her pain, but only pleasure then you must have a hard erection. If you have a weak erection, you might not be able to control your angle of penetration. What your penis will do is just slide inside her and hit her cervix with every stroke.

    A hard erection will penetrate inside her and make her feel good and enjoy the sex. What you could do is slide the penis in an upward angle. Make sure that the upper part of your penis hits the upper area of her cervix. The head of your penis must slide smoothly inside her cervix without actually striking it hard. This is the right technique, which will not damage her uterus and cause stimulation tenfold in her. Besides this, your penis will pressurize those areas, which are more sensitive to her and arouse her interest. If you follow this technique in the right manner, your woman will surely receive an intensive intercourse.

    Is your penis too thick and you are facing penetration problems due to it? Read on to know how to deal with this issue in the right manner. If your penis is too thick, vaginal ballooning or tenting is extremely important because it will make her vagina quite wide. How much the vagina expands depends on different women.

    Some of them will be able to expand it 2 inches in diameter while some could expand to even 4 inches in diameter. However, if your girl is a little over excited or she is quite tensed, her vaginal opening might become much tighter. Hence, if your penis is thicker, you could ask her to keep calm and relax her muscles, so that your penis slides in well. If she is not wet, you could add good lubrication.

    Finding a good quality lubricant

    Good quality of lubricants is easily available online or at your nearby store. These lubricants are available at quite reasonable cost. However, whatever you choose you must not compromise on the quality. You could read the reviews of different companies and brands before making your decision.

    Your women might not be as wet as she always is or she should be. Few factors like emotional stress hormonal changes and even the work pressure will surely influence it. Your penis size is a little unusual and hence you must not hit the head of penis inside her cervix. You could try to squeeze some blood from the head of the penis and then penetrate it. Even if you are over excited, you must be relaxed and you must ensure she is not hurt.

    What to do with extremely big penis

    Is your penis extremely big like more than 9 inches long? Most of the girls find the girth of the penis more satisfactory than its length. However, if the circumference of the penis is more than 10 inches, your life is going to be tough. When you are looking for ways to deal with it over the internet, you end up with 100s of men having small penis and their problems. Experts and internet might not take your problem seriously because according to them men with long penis are lucky.

    You might be depressed and stressed out because you are not able to lose your virginity yet despite of having long penis. The reason is that no girl is ready to take your long penis size. Not only this, none of the women will enjoy giving you a blowjob too. Obviously, no one likes to take such a long knob inside her mouth. Even if anybody among them tried to do that, she might have to go to the hospital to get her dislocated jaw treated.

    If you will ask the sexologist for a good solution, they will just say all you could get is a nice hand job from your partner. Moreover, you might not find it satisfactory because she will use both of her hands to reach around your shaft. Not only this, you will find it difficult to masturbate yourself too. If you keep the erection for quite a long time, you might feel dizzy. Women will surely love to watch your thick and long penis, but not like to try you out.

    You might be thinking that pills and tablets could help you to shrink your penis size. Many men have tried female medicines that stabilize the hormonal changes, but it certainly did not help them out. There are no such medications or cure, which could solve your problem. Some men have such a long penis that they find it really difficult to even walk around the town. You could not simply hide your big bulge. Such men cannot enjoy several activities like swimming. They are scared of the fact that people will scream looking at their organ. Nature has certainly not made things easy for you.

    Now, you are aware of all the problems you might face with your long penis size. Once you are aware about the various problems, you must find out ways to deal with the situation. Many men become depressed because no girl likes to come closer to them. In order to deal with the depression, you could consult a good therapist. These professionals will calm you and help you to relieve your stress. Every woman does not always look out for a man, who could give her a nice orgasm.

    Some of them want a man, who could love them and take care of their needs. It does not always depend on your penis, but it depends on how you handle your woman. If you love her, if you adore her, she will remain happy with you. As far as sex is concerned, you could follow the right techniques and timings as mentioned above to have a satisfactory intercourse.

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