The Pro's And Con's To Gaining Bigger Penis Size

Do you want a bigger penis? Do you wish to add few more inches to your warrior's size? Of course, you do. Isn't it? In fact, most men (if not all) do. No wonder, penis enhancement industry is booming and the market is flooded with its products and techniques.

A great percentage of men prefer penis exercises and/or traction devices, while there are also those who opt for enhancement pills, surgeries, etc. In other words, most men want a bigger penis at any cost.

Now, with that said, what do you think, is it advantageous in each and every aspect to go for penis enlargement? On the other hand, are there some disadvantages or issues too associated with it? Hence, you need to have a clear idea on both the benefits and the issues of penis enhancement, before you actually take the next step for it.

The Pros of Penis Enlargement

  • A bigger penis is a confidence booster. Ever since the ages, men have this notion instilled on their mind that a bigger penis is more satisfying. It is a trait, which depicts their manliness or manhood. Hence, one with a bigger penis is not only confident in the bedroom, but also in other spheres of his life.

  • A larger penis is visually more appealing to women. It is pretty obvious, right? As a matter of fact, a great percentage of women admit it that a bigger penis is more exciting to look at. Here, it is worth mentioning that while length makes a penis visually appealing, it is actually the girth, which matters more while having sex.

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  • It leads to a better sex life. You might have read about different factors as why penis size does not matter. Yet, it is true that, with few aspects it does matter. Say for an instance, if a guy has a bigger penis, he is more likely to perform well in the bedroom. A guy with a bigger penis is rarely concerned about his performance in the bedroom. He is already confident of his manhood, and so he would not have performance-anxiety, and so would give a great shot every time.

    The Cons of Penis Enlargement:

  • Few of the enlargement methods are really risky and dangerous. Say for an instance, vacuum pumps, penis weights, etc. There are many men, who are ready to go to any extent in order to gain few extra inches down there. They often overlook the safety aspect as well of the enlargement technique. These risky techniques including penis surgeries can lead to several issues like inability to attain erections, penile tissues rupture, and so on.

  • It takes time to witness great results. Be it penis exercising, traction device, or any other effective technique, penis enlargement takes time. However, men often give up in the course, since they do not achieve fast results.

  • Few of the methods like enlargement pills give no or temporary results. Such pills and other useless herbs do not provide permanent gains. Hence, men often feel cheated after using these enlargement techniques even for a long period of time.

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