Women Prefer Big Penises Because They Give More Physical Pleasure

Bigger Penis: Better Physical Pleasure for a Woman

Women love big penises. A big penis gives them far better physical pleasure than a small one. Let us discuss physical pleasure in detail. There are two types of physical pleasures one is Sensation of Touch and the second one is Genital Sensation.

Sensation of Touch:

When a woman touches a man's penis, she experiences a lot of sensations. Whether it is with her hands or mouth, she feels extremely aroused just by the touch of it. After all, there is nothing to hide in it that all of us love to touch and feel bigger things. For instance, all men love the volume and firmness of big breasts, hips, thighs and butt cheeks. The same is for women too. She loves to touch a man's masculine body, his arms, legs, and all of it.

When she is inserting her hands into his pants, what do you guess she is expecting? Of course, a bigger package and not a tiny one, she is definitely going to have more fun playing with a long and fat penis rather than fondling with a small one.

So, the thing is size matters for her hands too. Most people think that a bigger penis only helps while penetration sex or while trying new and different positions. However, that is not really the case. Thus, whenever you are asking whether a big penis is more physically satisfying to a woman, then take into account the hand job as well.

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Again, bigger is better, when it is about oral sex. First and foremost what satisfies her is the idea that she has a bigger one in mouth. Next, the feeling of her mouth being fuller excites her. Yes, it is true that many females prefer smaller penis for oral sex. This is only because they personally do not enjoy oral and are may be doing it just for their partners. Therefore, the least they want is a small penis, which makes them feel it as little as possible. Nevertheless, if she is really into oral, she will have more fun with a bigger and fatter penis.

Genital Sensation:

Yes, the g-spot is located very close to the vaginal opening, yet a bigger penis that penetrates deep inside her excites her more. She thinks that he has a big and fat one in her vagina and the thrusting is rough. Indeed, there are several women, who love it rough rather than smooth and delicate.

Also, there are people, who believe that penis size issue and breast size issue is just the same thing. However, this is totally wrong. The simple reason behind this is that breasts are for pleasure of course, but they have got nothing to do with penetration sex. If a man finds out before having sex that his girl was wearing a padded bra, he definitely will be disappointed, but that will be all.

On the other hand, if a woman finds out that his date was wearing padded underwear to fake a big package, she will be more than just disappointed. This is because when the real act starts, a bigger penis plays a bigger role than breasts.

So to sum up, it is clear and self-explanatory that how a bigger penis is really important to satisfy her physically.

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