How To Use A Small Penis Better

Did You Know You Could Be A Great Lover In Spite Of A Small Penis?

The biggest fact about sexuality is that it is not only about penetration. There is a lot of stuff involved, which helps you both get satisfied and relaxed. If you have a small penis, you need not worry about your performance since a large penis does not come with a guarantee that the man having it will be great in sex. In fact, there are several men out there, who have large penises, but are not great in bed as per their partners. So, your penis size does not decide what kind of a lover you are, bad, average or great. You can definitely have the best sex of your life in spite of having a small penis. All you need to know is how to use it wisely.

Set the right mood:

When people describe that they had a great and fantastic sex, it does not necessarily mean that they are talking only about the intercourse. It includes every small detail that leads them to having a memorable love making experience. For instance, your partner would love to do it with a room having candles, music some nice scent etc. So, the mood that you set to make your partner ready for sex is also a part of sex.

Do things, which let her know how desperately you want her? Try to arouse her very slowly from the evening. Keep on touching her the way she likes and that will be all. Remember, sex, even with a small penis, can be great, if it is initiated well. After all, half of sex is psychological.

Foreplay is the fun part:

Women love foreplay. After being together a couple of minutes together there are chances that you are desperate to get in, but never neglect the fact that she wants more foreplay. The more she is aroused the easier it is to get her to an orgasm. In simple words, foreplay is the key to being a great lover.

Know the right position for you:

For sure, men with large penis enjoy the benefit of fitting into almost any sexual position comfortably. However, this certainly does not mean those with small penis have nothing on their hand. Below are a few positions, which you can use at your advantage.

Doggy Style: One of the common and yet popular sex position is ideal for you, if you have a small penis. The position gives you an opportunity to lean much forward and thus make a small penis feel fairly large.

The snake: If you have a small girth size, this position is right for you. Ask your partner to lay face down on bed and place a pillow under her hips. Now, straddle the outside of her thighs and slowly separate them to find your way in. One you are in, keep her thighs closed for a super-tight fit and this will make her feel fuller.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

The Vee: Get on your knees and penetrate her by keeping her legs into air. Try to lift her legs in such a way that her hips are pulled up a little as well as she is bend from her waist. You can also put her legs on your shoulders to free your hands. Try stimulating her manually as well to double her pleasure.

Other techniques to satisfy her with a small penis:

This might sound a little off track, but you don't really need a penis to satisfy your lady. Well, there are several other techniques, which you can employ to satisfy her even without penetration. These techniques work for every woman since they are totally focusing on her and her pleasure. These techniques include:

Manual stimulation: There are several women out there, who climax only by clitoris stimulation. So, all that you need here are your fingers. Even if you want to find her g-spot, your fingers can help you better than your penis. So, use it to your advantage and you will see how easy it is to satisfy her with manual stimulation.

Oral sex: Who would not love to simply lie down and enjoy the pleasure given by a lover? Well, this is what oral sex is all about. Talk to her and try to figure out her preferences about oral sex. There are several techniques, which you can employ to master oral sex. It is easy to give her an orgasm just with oral and finally when you move to the actual act, she would not really mind your small penis.

Sex toys: There are plenty of sex toys available in the market today. Men from small to large penis size use sex toys to their advantage. It will not only help you get her aroused, but at times, it can help you give her a perfectly satisfying orgasm.

The Dos and Don'ts:

Just like any other thing, we have certain dos and don'ts here too. If you want to do something about your small penis, you can try some simple things instead of directly considering options like penis enlargement surgery in extreme cases.

  • Do penis exercises: This can help you gain length and girth both.

  • Do Cardio: A healthy cardiovascular system ensures healthier and longer erection.

  • Lose Weight: This is the easiest thing that can help you use the entire usable penis length. There is a fat pad in front of pubis. Lose weight and do such exercises that affect this area the most. This will reduce the accumulated fat and so you get a bigger penis.

    Most men are not aware about an amazing fact and that is penis size constantly changes and is affected a lot by below mentioned factors:

    Weight gain: As the fat pad around the pubis increases, the usable penis size decreases. So, make sure you never gain too much weight.

    Be relaxed and never carry stress with you: Your penis size is affected by your stress level more than any other thing. The more you are stressed the more constricted your blood vessel gets and as a result there is lack of blood supply to your penis. So, it is understood that this will make your penis look smaller than what it actually is.

    Have a healthy diet and try to avoid smoking: Unhealthy lifestyle in any regards may adversely affect your penis size. Smoking and unhealthy diet affect your circulation system, which in return affect the blood flow in your penis. So, don't stop smoking for your throat, heart and lungs, but stop it for your penis.

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