Women Have An Instinctive And Fundamental Preference For Bigger Penises...

Women Have a Natural Liking towards Big Penises

You must have definitely heard that women just love and prefer big penises for their personal satisfaction. Since a big penis is sure to suffice her both physically and mentally. Well, have you ever thought that why most women prefer big penises. This is because they have an instinctive and fundamental preference towards big penises. Difficult to understand isn't it?

Well, let us discuss this deeper by keeping in mind two simple yet strong statements.

  • Big penises should be continuously in supply in human species so as to make sure that average penis size is sufficient enough to allow impregnation.

  • Women desire big penises so as to make sure her offspring will have such genes that will help impregnate other women in future.

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    Now, the first statement definitely sounds more imaginative than practical. Well, to understand it easily just think the opposite of the given statement, i.e. women desire small penises. Don't you think this will eventually lead human species to be extinct? Years after years, men's penises will be so small that it will be practically impossible for them to ejaculate inside the vagina. This means no impregnation at all.

    Now, if you are thinking if big penises are so important for future generations, why do not all men have big penises already? Well, the simple reason behind this is the future generations need big enough penises to impregnate and continue the replication and not giant monster phalluses. So, bigger penises are preferred, but smaller ones are important too.

    Now, coming to the second statement, it is easy to understand that every woman wants her child to be perfect in every manner. She thinks that just like I prefer to mate with a man with bigger penis, so will any woman of future will. Thus, her ultimate instinctive desire is to become pregnant with a man having a bigger penis. After all, naturally all women want to produce offspring, which are capable enough of carrying genes to future generations.

    This means she wants her son to be superior in all traits. She wants to make sure that her son remains in demand and no women rejects him for having a small penis. Never forget that the reason why human beings are surviving is because of their ability to replicate. The better equipped and prepared is the next generation the more we have chances to continue human species.

    Both the statements mentioned above throws light on the fact that how naturally women tend to prefer bigger penis to smaller one. Pleasure is one thing, but her gut feelings will always attract her towards a man with big penis. As a matter of fact, there are males too, who believe that bigger is better. Since, getting pregnant is not their responsibility the only thing they consider is physical and mental satisfaction. Whatever the reason is and whichever the generation is, man with bigger penises will be always preferred over the ones with smaller penises. Besides, talking about the present generation, we need bigger packages in anything and everything.

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