Do You Really Need To Enlarge Your Penis?

The size of the penis is a matter of concern for almost all men. The popular belief that they are not ‘big enough' makes them anxious and leaves a negative impact on their mind. However, you are not alone when it comes to this anxiousness about the penis size. A famous psychological research suggests that almost half the male population across the globe feels they do not have a large penis

If you are taking time to read this particular content, it means that in some corner of your mind, you are not happy with the size of your penis, and getting a penis enlargement does not sound like a bad idea. However, it is really important to consider your decision carefully before getting penis enhancement conducted.

Do you really need a penis enlargement?

It is really important to ask yourself if you actually need a penis enlargement. It is understood that you are anxious and worried about your size, but do you really need to use enhancement products. Some of the questions, worth considering are as stated below:

  • Is it really worth using penis enlargement products to increase the size of your manhood?

  • Will increase in penis size make any difference to your personal life or boost your confidence confidence?

  • Are you patient enough to see your penis grow permanently, slowly and steadily?

  • Is it worth spending your time and money on such enhancement products?

    Misguided belief is the main reason for the anxiousness

    It is mainly misguided belief, which makes a man anxious and worried about the size of the penis. They feel that they are not able to satisfy their partner and if they had larger penis, sex will be better. However, did your partner, or any girl you been with has ever complained to you about your penis size. If you feel that they did not enjoy sex with you, then it is time you improve your skills in bed, rather than worrying about the size of the penis.

    Do not go on assumption that your penis size is not large enough. It might be possible that you are not large, but neither are you too small.

    If you can go on a survey and ask both men as well as women, what do they consider the average penis size to be? You will be surprised with the answer that you get from most of them. Men and women alike will tell you that they think that the average size of a male penis is 6-7 inches. This is really surprising, as according to the studies carried out years ago, which is famously known as the Kinsey, it shows that the average length of the penis is 6.21 inches. Another study, which was conducted by the Lifestyles Condoms, proves that the average length of a male penis is 5.87 inches. Hence, it is the popular belief, which makes you feel that your penis is small.

    A popular assumption and belief, which makes a man feel inadequate is when his penis is less than 8 inches. Hence, giving a feeling of inferiority and it does not come as a surprise that men, who believe in this notion, lose their confidence. This kind of misguided beliefs creates a state of deep anxiousness and you will be willing to try anything in order to increase the size of your penis.

    It is really important that you get your facts right before you go for penis enlargement. The average size of the penis is 6 inches when it is fully erected. Studies have shown that 66% of the men has penis of the size between 5.5 - 6.25 inches, when fully erect. Now, it is time for you to think, if you fall in this category or not.

    If you fall in the above stated categories, then it is time to put your mind at ease and relax. You do not have a small penis. Your penis is of average size, which is more than enough to satisfy any woman. After knowing this, it might be possible that some of you might not want to get a penis enhancement done. However, there must still be some of you, who are not happy, that your penis comes under the average category and you still want to increase the size of your penis.

    It is really important for you to remember that you need to go for penis enlargement because this is what you really want. Do not get an enhancement done, just because you are under a false notion, that you have a small penis. Get your facts right.

    Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

    Another thing that you will have to consider is that the procedure for penis enlargement is long, and there is no shortcut to it. You will need to take the right pills, use penis extenders and also do penis exercise. If you are willing to invest your time and money, only then go ahead with the process.

    Some of you might also have heard of penis enlargement surgery. The surgery is not only expensive, but it is also risky. There are chances of your tissues getting hurt, which is non-curable. You also need to go through all the tests such as blood pressure, diabetes, etc. to ensure that you are fit for surgery.

    After the surgery, it will take you a few months to be completely cured, and that means, you are not allowed to have sex within that particular given period. Hence, consider your options carefully. Before using enhancement products, or undergoing penis enhancement surgery.

    The concept of women enjoying large penis

    Almost all men have this concept that women enjoy large penis. However, have anyone of you bothered asking women, what they actually like? Yes, there are women, who enjoy large penis, however, we are talking about the maximum percentage, does she really enjoy large penis?

    Durex survey conducted in the past, it clearly shows that about 67% number of women is not happy with the size of their man's penis. However, what we assume by hearing this comment is that they are not happy with the size, as it's too small. It is possible that these women are not happy, as their partner's penis is too large.

    Most men would be alarmed by this revelation made by Durex. Now, let us put this statement aside and check on the survey conducted in the year 2006. This survey was conducted by the University of California, and according to it, around 85% of the women stated that they do not care about the size of their partner's penis as long as he is able to satisfy her in bed. Yes, it is possible that some of the women will not be stating the truth, out of love and loyalty to their partners. However, according to the survey about 21% of the women do not give importance to the size of their partner's penis.

    Large penis is a visual treat for women. There are certain women, who are turned on just by seeing large penis. However, it does not mean that all women will prefer the same. You have to understand that the size of the penis do not make you better in bed. You will have to ensure that your partner is enjoying along with you. Your partner's satisfaction is also important when you are in bed.

    According to a study conducted in the year 2002, it was found that only 21% women get turned on by large penis, and they give importance to it in order to have a satisfying sex life. This study was published in Medical journal European Urology.

    A survey has also been conducted on men, who had six inch penis. Most of them stated that they are comfortable and happy with the size of their penis. They have an exciting sex life and they have not faced any issues. These men have said that when a girl first sees their penis, the first expression is, “OMG! It is big! They admit that hearing such compliment will boost their confidence and improves their performance in bed.

    These men said that their love life has never been affected, and none of the girls they slept with was ever disappointed after seeing the penis. If these men are happy with their love life then you are not going to face any problem, if you have an average size penis.

    However, the largeness of the penis is directly connected with the masculinity of a man and having a bit larger penis can do wonders to your confidence as well as your ability. You will notice a huge difference in your performance in bed as well as in the other spheres of life. Hence, most of the men go for penis enlargement without thinking, if it is good or bad for their health, as a bit of increase in the penis size makes a huge difference. Choose wisely. Think if you need an enlargement. Do not rush without finding out the details of the products. Read the instructions carefully before using the products or pills.

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