The Confidence Equation

We all desire a large penis, but have you given a thought, why do you want your penis to grow larger than it already is. The most common answer to this question given by men is that it will improve their sex life. How a large penis will improve your sex life? Do you think just by having a large penis, you will impress your girl during sex? Sorry, to break your notion, but large penis has nothing to do with how impressive you are in bed! If you want to satisfy your partner then improve your skills rather than the size of your penis.

A large penis is a sign of masculinity and larger the penis, the more confident and happy you will feel. This might show how shallow we men are, but this is the fact, and it is psychologically proven.

Men who have undergone penis enlargement states that they feel more happy, more confident, stronger than before, and will have the spirit to achieve better in life. Penis enlargement has done wonders for their self-esteem.

Studies proved that having a well endowed penis boost the level of your confidence

The University of California conducted a study in the year 2006. According to the first part of the research, men of all age are anxious about the size of their penis, even if they are well endowed with an average size penis.

The second part of the study states that almost 21% of men, who have large penis, or larger than the average size penis, consider themselves to be extremely attractive. This proved that having a large penis makes men more confident.

Another study was conducted on similar topic in the year 2009 by the Psychologists of the Victoria University, Australia. In this study too, the emotional well-being and the penis size of around 700 men were compared. This research proved that, men with larger than average penis size had better health, better self-esteem and higher body satisfaction.

It might come as a surprise to some of you, but the main reason for this self-satisfaction, and higher self-esteem among men was not due to the fact that they were able to please their partner. It was actually because of a simple reason, which is they had larger than average size male penis, which is considered to be ideal by the society.

As these guys have larger than the average sized penis, it made them feel more masculine, more confident, more dominant, and happier.

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The most renowned penis enlargement specialist and surgeon, Dr. Harold Reed, during the 90's stated that an introvert with a larger penis will not become extrovert.

In other words, it means that having a large penis is not always the right solution for developing your confidence. It cannot be denied that these words carry the truth, after all just by having a well endowed penis cannot change anyone's personality. However, it would come as a surprise, if a man does not feel more masculine, confidence, dominant and assertive, after gaining a few inches in his manhood.

Commitment towards your work outs

Penis enlargement takes time, patience and a bit of effort. It is not as easy as a number of websites states it to be. Your penis will not be enlarged just by having pills and liquids. You will have to work a bit, in order to get your penis enlarged. If the work out is correctly done, with proper dedication, you will notice your penis increasing in few inches within a span of 3 to 6 months. The procedure of enlargement depends on your workout dedication and your personal health and fitness too.

If you are one of those, who wants to increase a few inches of muscles on your penis, but do not work out regularly, then penis enlargement is not for you. You should try to be content with what you have, as without proper dedication, you cannot gain even half an inch.

While you work on your penis enhancement, you also need to hit the gym to boost your self esteem, personality, and over all appearance. Investing time and effort on yourself can really make a lot of difference in your life and personal as well as professional relationships.

Every individual has his own reason for getting the penis enlarged. However, you should have the motivation and the will to work out, so that you can reach your desired aim. However, the strongest reason for you to get penis enlargement is for your own self. Once you see that your penis has increased even by an inch, it will increase your self-confidence and esteem for the better. It will also motivate you to work out.

There are some of you, who will try to think if there is a short cut to penis enhancement. However, there is not short cut for penis enlargement. Some of you might think about surgery for enlargement. However, surgery is not completely safe, nor does it ensure complete success. There are several risks involved, when you undergo such surgery and there are chances that the tissues of your penis might be damaged. In case, your penis tissue is hurt during the surgery then the damage might be for life.

You will have to undergo medical test to prove that you are fit enough for the surgical procedure. As it is a complex treatment, you will have to be extremely careful, after the operation, and have to give enough time to recover completely. You need to take certain preventative measures too. You cannot have sex or masturbate until you are completely healed.

Whatever way you choose to get your penis enhanced, be sure that you are confident about your decision. It is really important that to find out about penis enlargement before undergoing any procedure. You can also consult a specialist, who will tell you the dos and don'ts and this will benefit you in the long run.

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