The Anatomy Of A Penis

Know the Anatomy of Your Penis

Even though your penis has a simple look, it is as complex as any other body part. To understand that first, you need to have an idea on the biological structure of your penis.

Your penis is basically made up of two different parts, which are the shaft and glans that you also call as the penile head. Contrary to the popular belief of penile shaft being a muscle, it is actually made up of three different columns of tissues.

One of these columns of tissues itself continues forward to form your glans or penile head. The rest of the columns form the underside of your penis and the chamber of tissues. Your penile shaft is covered in skin and the glans support loose fold of skin called the foreskin. There is a canal called the urethra that traverses from the base of your penis to its head and is responsible for the passage of urine and sperm.

The Role of Your Testicles in Boosting Your Masculinity

Apart from the ones that have genetic issues, most of the children are born with full set of their reproductive system. However, they are not fully functional then, and they start developing gradually from the onset of puberty.

During puberty (which is usually between 10 to 14 years of age), one's pituitary glans starts secreting hormone. That is responsible for inducing the testicles in order to produce testosterone. You might be already aware of the fact that testosterone is often referred to as the male hormone. The reason being, it is responsible for the development of all those traits that define one as a man. Say, you develop bigger bones, bulkier muscles, and achieve growth in your penis and testicles' size.

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How Do You Achieve An Erection?

Most of the other mammals have a special erectile bone that helps them in achieving an erection. However, that is not at all the case with humans. They simply rely on the blood supply to the penile tissues.

When your erection is triggered by some sexual stimulation, the arteries that are responsible for supplying blood to the penis dilate so as to increase the blood flow. Besides, the stiffer tissues play an important role in retaining your erection.

These constrict the veins that can carry the blood away from your penile tissues. Hence, just with proper blood supply to your penis, you can enjoy firmer and longer erections. Now, that you now it, why don't you actually prefer good diet, regular exercising and yoga?

Penis Size And Its Relevance With Other Body Parts

You might have often heard of things like that. Haven't you? There is a widespread myth among people that one's penis size is relevant to his other body parts like the size of his feet, hands, nose, or his overall height. No wonder, people often look at man's finger, nose, height, and try to assume his penis height.

There is no denial in the fact that the same genes as that of the limbs control one's penis development in the embryo. However, that in no way related. Penis development is entirely governed by the testosterone level in one's body, and has nothing do with the other body parts.

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