The 5 Ranges For Penis Size - What's Your Number?

5 Ranges of Penis Size - Where Do You Stand?

For sure, you must have read that sexual performance of a male depends on his penis size. Yet, the size of his penis is his prime concern, when we talk about his sexual health. There are several articles dedicated to this issue as well as to the issue of what is the average penis size. Men always want to know where exactly they fit in. For men, their penis size is the source of their confidence while performing sexually.

They can neglect every other aspect of sexuality, but when it comes to performance, the first thing that they have on mind is their penis size. Many men opt for enlargement options too. This is because they want to boast of having a bigger one, but it is moreover because they want to feel confident and satisfy their ego. Below there are 5 ranges given for you to compare yourself and decide where exactly you fall and conclude, if you need to opt enlargement.

Size 1

Flaccid Length - up to 2 inches

Erect Length - up to 3.75 inches

Occurrence in 5% males

Men belonging to this range are considered to be truly struggling with their size issue. Men on the lower end of this range are also said to be suffering from the Micropenis syndrome. Micropenis syndrome is defined as a penis of less than 3 inches in length when erect. It is recommended to opt for enlargement options. Surgeries are definitely off the table since they are both risky and expensive. However, other enlargement options, which are risk free and genuine, can be opted for.

Size 2

Flaccid Length - between 2 to 3 inches

Erect Length - between 3.75 - 5.10 inches

Occurrence in 20% of men

Men falling into this range are generally not worried about their size. However, they try to gain an inch or so just to make sure that they fit in the national average penis length range. Also, this gain ensures them mentally that they can sexually perform well and satisfy their women better. Thus, for men falling in this range, it is not at all about size, but only confidence.

Size 3

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Flaccid Length - between 3 to 4.15 inches

Erect Length - between 5.10 to 6.5 inches

Occurrence in 50% of men

Size 3 is considered to be the normal average penis size for men. In spite of the fact that half of male population fall in this range, males in this range are mostly investors and pursuers of penis enlargement options. You can blame this one on media and entertainment industry, which has adopted the idea of bigger, is better. Also, to justify further, you can simply consider that no male wants to be in average range.

Size 4

Flaccid Length - between 4.15 to 5.10 inches

Erect Length - between 6.5 to 7.5 inches

Occurrence in 20% of men

Men in this range need not to worry about their length at all. They have the perfect dimensions to satisfy almost any women. However, they can take into account their girth size and focus on it. Generally, it is not needed since length and girth are proportionate. If girth size is an issue, extenders are not for you, but vacuum pumps can help for sure. Also, to perform well sexually, males belonging to this range need to master their techniques since they have a good enough impressive package already.

Size 5

Flaccid Length - 5.10 inches or more

Erect Length - 7.5 inches or more

Occurrence in 5% of men

Rarely 5% of men fall in this range, but of course, there are men having a size 5 penis. This can be considered, as a group of porn starts or models and they are truly the reason why males belonging to other four size groups use extenders and pumps. Also, you can never neglect the problems that come with a big penis. Males falling in this range may find it difficult to maintain an erection or orgasm. Furthermore, it can sometimes prove to be painful for their partners than joyful.

It is believed that if you really want to enjoy something stop making comparisons. However, it is for sure that most men do not follow this, especially when it is about penis size. The breakdowns given above will not only help you understand where you fall and what can you do about it, but will also enhance your confidence level since you will be sure about where exactly you stand.

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