What Does Normal Penis Look Like

What A Normal Penis Is And How Does It Look Like?

If you think that there is nothing to discuss about the size and shape of a penis then you are completely wrong. In fact, there is a lot. When we say what a normal penis is like then there are several things that counts. For instance, what exactly is a normal penis? Are any dimensions decided to describe a normal penis?

Besides, by looks not all penises are same. Some are small, some are long, some are thin, some are fat, some penises are circumcised some are not, some are straight, some are bent upward and some are downward and the list will just go on and on.

In simple words, penis is an essential part of your reproductive system. As far as it is functioning well while you are having sexual intercourse and ejaculating semen, it is normal and functioning well.

However, when we talk about the role of a penis in sexual intercourse, there is a range assumed, which is known as normal and it is concerned to the penis's size and shape. Well, the good news is that, most men belong to this range and have a fully functioning and appropriate penis.

There are several studies conducted to decide what a normal and average penis size should be. Also, there are men, who are not in the range of having an average sized penis. These men either have too small (micro penis) or too big penises. Such penis sizes can sometime disturb its function of performing during sexual intercourse.

The same can also be said about the penis shape and its girth size. If a penis is not straight, it does not mean it is not normal. If its shape is not bothering your sexual performance, there is nothing to worry about. Penis of different shapes and dimensions are found to be fully functional and normal when it comes to their performances.

Now, the whole point of discussing a normal penis is, a penis is not only a part of a man's reproductive system, but in his head it is far more than that. Penis size affects a man's mental health, his sexual stamina and libido a lot. So, let's discuss on how a normal penis will actually look like.

Flaccid Penis:

When in flaccid state, a normal penis will look shrunken. The penis skin is elastic and loose and it brings a change in the penis size as soon as a man is having an erection. The size of the penis when it is flaccid and when it is erect is totally different. A sex researcher Alfred Kinsey concludes that a small flaccid penis gains about twice its size when it is erect.

Also, the weather around you affects the size of your flaccid penis a lot. If you are cold, your flaccid penis will look smaller than it normally is. This is because its erectile tissues respond to the weather and retract your penis to move towards the body for warmth.

Erect Penis:

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Both, the penis shaft and the penis head are having erectile tissues. When more blood is pumped into them, when you are aroused, the penis becomes erect and hard.

There are levels of erections too. For a man to perform sexually the penis needs to be hard enough and if it is not, the penis cannot fulfil its function and this may even result in penis injury.

There are a number of things that can affect your erection quality, for instance, your age, health, blood circulation, diabetes etc.

The appearance of penis when it is erect is different from person to person. Its colour, skin smoothness, veins, etc. all varies.

Now, let us discuss the main thing, the size of an erect penis. This topic is being discusses a lot since the size and dimension of a penis when it is erect counts. As per the study conducted by Kinsey Alfred, a normal average penis measures 5 to 7 inches when it is erect. In the case of a micropenis, the penis will measure less than 2.8 inches when erect.

The Penis Head

The penis head is the topmost part of a penis and it is cone shaped. At the tip of a penis head there is an opening known as urethra meatus. This opening has a tube connected inside which transports urine and semen.

The urethra opening is generally wet because of urine and pre-ejaculation discharge. However, if you are finding any puss like discharge coming out its recommended that you consult your doctor immediately.

Since, all men are born with uncircumcised penis, the penis head is covered by foreskin.

Circumcised and Uncircumcised Penises:

All men are born uncircumcised and their foreskin is generally covering the entire penis. Men are circumcised in infancy for mostly cultural and religious reasons. Also, in some cultures circumcision is done after a few years and is accepted as a religious ceremony. The WHO estimates that almost 30% of the total male population under the age of 15 or above are having circumcised penis. Apart from the religious reasons, circumcision is beneficial for health too. This is because it prevents men from having any urinary tract infections, penile cancer and HIV.

Since, circumcised penis does not have any foreskin. Thus, the penis head is even visible when the penis is flaccid. This is not the case with uncircumcised penis as the foreskin covers the entire penis up till the penis head.

Circumcision is a safe and secured surgical procedure. It is mostly performed by well-trained professionals and proper equipments are used.

Additional Normal Penis Characteristics

Pubic hair is normal and it starts growing once you reach puberty. The hair growth is thicker and rougher when compared to the hair growth of other parts of your body. The hair usually starts curling around the base of your penis. You can see red bumps and pimples down there. However, it gets normal once you start shaving your pubic hair.

A healthy penis will not have open wounds or sores. The skin will be free from scratches or any type of infections. Also, there will be no unusual discharge.

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