World Record For The Biggest Penis

World's Biggest Penis Record: The Most Conflicting Issue Till Today

Men have always been obsessed about their penis size. It is something that plays a vital role in their sexual life. This is the reason why penis enlargement industry is gaining so much popularity. An enlarged penis is not only a big package, but with it you gain self-confidence, a good psychological health and of course a more active social and sexual life. All men wonder whether their tool is big enough or not and they think that who the lucky guy to have the biggest one is. Also, the question that how big it can get is never off their minds.

Well, many research studies have been carried on to figure out the answer to this question, but the results have always been conflicting. Of course, the size of a man's penis is not a topic that can be considered for an objective study. However, since all men are concerned and want to claim that they have the biggest package, this topic has gained enough popularity. Besides, these days there are several ways in which a man can enlarge his natural endowment. This makes it more difficult to answer the proposed question.

Now, to answer the man's most serious sexual question, the first thing that needs to be determined is does he fits in the average penis criteria? There are several studies undertaken to answer what an average penis size is. For instance, Caucasian males have average penis size of about 6.2 inches and girth 3.2 inches.

On the other hand, a study conducted in early 1975 shows that African males have superior penis length and girth. Contrary to this, study of Kinsey Institute report a minimal advantage to African males whose penis length is 6.3 and girth is 3.7. With an intention to reveal the truth, several other studies were also conducted. However, keeping in mind the flaws that have been found in creating the sample data, no strong results have been published out as yet.

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However, we have several average sizes established now and at least tackling the matter of world's largest penis is possible. Unfortunately, precise details of penis size and the name of the person having it is always very mysterious information. For instance, the largest, but unofficial penis size obtained by Dr. David Reuben in 1969 was 14 inches when erect. Since, it was not verified, the information is not considered genuine.

Therefore, till today the official largest penis belongs to the man, who was measured and reported by Dr. Robert Dickinson. The penis was 13.5 inches long and 6.25 in girth. Many other studies from Alfred Kinsey and others have reported impressive results showing measurements ranging from 9.5 to 12 inches.

Until 1999, Dr. Dickinson's reported that the case was considered as alpha male, who had the biggest penis recorded. This was the time when John Falcon, an American, entered into the spotlight. He was working in an HBO documentary named “Private Dicks - Men Exposed”. It was believed that his penis was 9.5 inches long when flaccid and 13.5 when erect. This means he has the exact dimensions like the man reported by Dr. Robert Dickinson the only difference is John Falcon is alive.

So, it is for sure that the Alpha man of today's generation is still alive. His name is John Falcon he is 42, an American, and his penis size as reported is 13.5 inches in length when erect. He is a writer and actor and tries to work on his career by keeping aside the fact that he is an Alpha male. He was, for obvious reasons, suggested to work in porn industry and make a successful career out of it.

Since, John Falcon is the record holder of having the largest penis he was and is till today quite popular. There are several other males, who try to claim that they have bigger penis. However, since there are several ways to enlarge one's penis today, it is difficult to validate their requests. Also, the record is real hard to break.

Therefore, the bottom line is, even if several men try to compete or claim that they hold the largest penis, John Falcon is considered the only record holder as of now.

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