Small Penis Problems, Penis Size Advice For Men With A Small Penis

A recent survey conducted reveals that almost every male with a small penis has been humiliated at some of time in their life. The irony here is that the person humiliating them is none other than their partner.

To every girl out there reading this article, we would only want to say one thing. Don't ever humiliate him for a small dick even teasingly.

This will end your relationship there and then. Men relate their penis size to their personality, as women relate their good looks. Once you mention that you are unsatisfied with his penis, he will never be the same person again. He might not end the relationship with you, but mentally he will accumulate hundreds and thousands of negative thoughts that will just ruin your relationship.

Sex for him will become more of a burden than an act of enjoyment. He might be present physically during intercourse, but his mind will keep searching ways either to enlarge the size or to change the partner. Yes, this is true. A man is more likely to dump or cheat on you, if you do not respect his physical traits.

Always remember, penis is a sacred and sensitive topic for a man. Therefore, you have no right to give any negative comment. Especially, if you are thinking to spend some serious time with him or want to marry him. Now, let's move on to our main topic and talk about some of the penis problems and advices to men.

Major problems men with small penis face

  • It is easier for big penis to give their partner joy rides basically because of their greater penetration and rubbing power. However, for men with small penis, sex becomes more of a workout. They always have a great pressure on them to satisfy their partner and give their best while in bed.

  • Men with long penis will just insert it and let the female enjoy the warmth. The small brats will have problem in doing the same. They need to force themselves on to the partner to give them the desired pleasure. While the partner would think that you are enjoying, you will start having muscular cramps because of the force applied.

  • Every half inch counts when you are indulged in sex. Therefore, you flex your body enough to do proper penetration. While this penetration will satisfy your partner, it will do you more harm than good. Apart from having muscular cramps, you may feel belly and abdomen pain every now and then.

  • Another disadvantage for men with small penis is that they cannot concentrate on pure pleasure during sex whereas men with bigger dick have the privilege of enjoying it to the fullest. Moreover, for men with a partner who loves wild sex, it becomes a major problem.

    Going wild is a cakewalk for men with long penis, but is almost impossible for smaller dicks. You cannot satisfy her on regular days let alone the wild fantasies fulfilment day.

  • Sex often becomes boring, if different positions are not adopted. However, as a problem, men with small dick find it even more difficult to enjoy various positions. They need to find specific postures that can help their partner in getting satisfaction. However, the choice is extremely limited.

    Even ‘kamasutra' the book of sex postures has only few postures for men with small dicks while rest of the book is filled with positions apt for bigger dicks.

  • You can easily end up with muscular cramps in your hands as well, as you will try to give her orgasms through your fingers or tongue as soon as you feel exhausted due to abdominal cramps. Your fingers might give her pleasure, but it will never be on par with the real fun she can have with a real big penis.

  • Apart from the failure to satisfy the partner, you might have several other mental issues as well. For instance, several studies conducted in this regard have found out that men with smaller penis have lower self-esteem than those with large dick.

  • Several men with small penis also suffer from penile inadequacy anxiety, which is lethal for their social life. You may not be able to speak in public because of lack of confidence and anxiety.

  • The problem becomes even larger, if your present or ex-partner exposes the secret of your smaller dick. You might find yourself extremely neglected and will limit yourself to one or two people (most often your family).

  • This problem is not over yet. Studies have also shown that a man can face the depression phase due to the small size. Lack of support from friends and unsatisfactory behaviour of partner makes the problem even worse.

    Advices to the men facing such problems

    We are not here to remind you of the number of problems you will face, if you have small dick. Instead, we are here to give you some fruitful advices to overcome such problem.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

  • Accept the truth. Accepting the truth and not feeling bad about it is the first and foremost thing, which you need to do to keep yourself away from such problems and its effects.

  • Do not always bother about the thought of giving your partner full satisfaction. You are not a tool to please her. Instead, you also deserve to get full pleasure. Always remember the sole purpose of having sex. It is a way to give you the feeling of heaven on earth. It is not a race, not an obligation or a duty, but an act that defines pleasure with love.

    Focus on satisfying yourself during the act and the satisfaction of your partner will also follow. A woman is more likely to stay with a person who is happy and satisfied instead with a guy, who keeps on moaning about the problems he has.

  • Go out and discover the true beauty of life. Find time for yourself. Sex is not the only thing that matters in your life. We are not saying to stay completely away from it, but yes, you can stay away from it for some time. At least for the time, you can easily get over the fact that you cannot satisfy your partner.

  • Another best way is being polite, loving and warm. You need not have big penis to make a woman fall for you. A real woman will love you for who you are and not for what you have hanging between your legs.

  • If it happens that you find such a woman as a partner, who humiliates you for your size, make sure she is the first change that you make in your life. A woman who loves you will never let you feel low.

  • Go out and discover various other ways of satisfying a woman. You need not always give yourself body cramps in order to give her pure pleasure. You can take help of oral sex to help her reach orgasm.

  • You can also take the help of vibrators or other sex toys that can easily satisfy her without causing any problem to you. Do the penetration process to satisfy yourself and once you reach your orgasm, you can help her attain the same with the help of vibrators. This way both of you will enjoy each other's company.

  • Do lots and lots of foreplay. Recent studies have shown that women enjoy foreplay more than sex. Therefore, make sure you do not lack at this particular point.

  • Forget about the insecurities you have for her and indulge yourself in other activities. You might also be aware of the fact that you think negative mostly when you have nothing to do. The best thing you can do to keep yourself happy and satisfied is to stay busy.

  • Take time for your hobby and do every little thing that you like. Life is given once and you cannot spend it by moaning. Instead, do whatever you feel like doing. Find a good partner and go on vacation with her. Find your dream job and stay happy.

  • Also, make sure that woman is not the only thought on your mind. You can make your life heaven with good friends. Take out time to reach to them and call them. Spend maximum time with those, who understands you fully.

  • Give timely visit to your family and take help from them to overcome the anxiety that you might be feeling.

  • You can also go and talk to a psychiatrist. It will not make you a mad person. Instead, it will help you get the best mental relief and will help you in becoming happy.

  • You can also try to opt for any penis enlargement method. However, go to this particular direction only if nothing else works. There are varieties of ways in which you can enlarge the penis size.

    However, you need to make sure that you use the best techniques. These methods are not magic, and thus you need to be patient and let it work slowly and gradually. The time generally varies from months to a year. Remember, nothing can change overnight.

  • You can think about penis enlargement surgery if going under the knife is not a problem for you. However, you need to take care of your penis after such surgery and will also have to deal with the after effects. The marks on lower side of your penis can take months or even years to fade.

    You will even have to restrict yourself from sex for almost one or two months after the surgery. Go for this option only if you are sure that you can remain without sex or masturbation for such a long time.

  • You can also go for natural exercises that are known to enlarge the size of penis without causing any harm or side effects to your body. Although these methods take time, they are known to give the best results. However, make sure you follow proper methods along with proper diet and do it in consistency.

  • Do not go to any sex counsellor as most often the advice they will give you is ‘trying harder'. You do not want a person, who reminds you of the problems you have. Instead, go and do something yourself.

  • Know about her libido. Many times, women indulge in sex even if they are not willing. The reason behind doing so is same as the reason why you always keep on trying. Try to understand when she is actually willing and when she is just pretending. Knowing her emotionally will strengthen your relation.

    Start with increasing your sex drive

    If you find it difficult to satisfy her because of small penis, it might also be a case that you lose interest in sex too. However, to make sure that you do not lose the sex drive (which will worsen the case) follow these simple methods.

  1. Healthy diet

    The real change will start with the change in diet. Make sure you take healthy diet and include lots and lots of fruits in it. Drink around 4 litres water a day. Your body starts getting deprived of DHEA because of stress, anxiety or tension. Therefore, make sure you remain happy to increase the libido. Also, follow the methods mentioned below to fulfil the deficiency of DHEA.

  • Take specific DHEA supplements.

  • Avoid fatty food products including butter and mayonnaise.

  • Drink as much milk as you can. It will fulfil protein, DHEA as well as water requirement of your body.

  • Take testosterone cream.

  • You can also take Korean red panax ginseng.

  • Do not forget to drink green tea instead of any other beverages.

  • Take the help of hormonal therapy.

  1. Proper rest

    A rough schedule and busy day can take out your libido. Make sure you take proper rest and follow some of the below mentioned methods.

  • Make certain you sleep for at least six hours, if not more.

  • Do not work continuously and give yourself rest after every 45 minutes.

  • Do not exhaust yourself in any way. Be it during work or during exercise, until and unless it is very important.

  • Do light exercises in the evening and go for morning walk to get fresh air.

  • Follow the ‘early to bed, early to rise' rule.

  • De-stress yourself by doing yoga and meditation for at least half hour daily.

  • Say no to alcohol and stay away from late night parties

  1. Control your weight

    Studies have shown that obese people have smaller penis as well as less sex drive. Make sure that your weight does not affect your sexual relations. There are several reasons behind obesity and low sex success. The major one is the weight being a burden on your partner. Therefore, make sure you do not put on extra weight and remain healthy for better sex life.

  2. Avoid caffeine as much as you can and go herbal

    Caffeine is also found to decrease your sex drive and make you unwilling to have sex most of the time. Make sure you cut off caffeine from your diet. Say no to coffee, chocolates, coco powder or any such stuff which contains caffeine. Instead of coffee you can easily choose any of the following herbal tea.

  • Yohimbine

  • Horny Goat Weed

  • Mucuna Pruriens i.e. ‘velvet beans'

  • Korean Ginseng

  • Gingko Biloba

    Go for natural penis enlargement methods if nothing works

    If you finally decide that you need a large penis no matter what, you will have to choose some of the herbal supplements or natural exercises that will work on your body without any side effect.

    Make sure you get a full body check up to know about possible allergies you may have from any of the supplements or pills. Also, ensure that you consult a renowned doctor or physician before starting the course.

    It would be better, if you start with combination of both, an herbal diet with natural exercise routine. Make sure you have a professional trainer at least during the first week of starting. He will help you know the techniques of exercises and proper ways of taking supplements.

    Do not be your own doctor and avoid committing blunders. Quality really matters when it comes to herbal supplements. Similarly, time for which exercise is done also plays a vital role in increasing the size. Always start the process on your own only and only if you know all the required things about the process.

    Do proper measurements to track the progress

    Tracking the progress is the best as well as the worst part of this routine. Make sure you start with taking proper measurements. Follow the same routine after each month. Ensure that you measure the penis from same place every time to get accurate results. Start from the base to head for length and encircle the tape in the middle position to measure the girth. Make sure you include every single centimetre, as it matters a lot.


    The things mentioned above will not only make you aware, but will also help you in remaining happy. In case, you need to get bigger dick, you can follow the mentioned methods and succeed.

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