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Poor sexual performance is a common problem among guys as you may know too. This is an embarrassing issue as we and you both know. When one is unable to perform well despite loving sex, it is absolutely stressful. Sometimes, one even fails to get an erection. This is not good for manhood and confidence of guys in bed. 

Having a small penis is nothing less a problem like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It has many downsides which a guy has to face in life. Insufficient sex drive is one of them which can even affect a relation if not treated right away. Although it doesnt affect health at first but can be harmful in the long run. 

There are a huge number of the male enlargement pills available in the markets that actually do not actually work for males. When each of them asserts to be best, how will you be able to search for the male enhancers that are effective as well as safe? But we are here to assist you in making the right choice for yourself. Our leading best penis enlargement pills have been selected by ranking and sorting the best male enlargement products. 

Our ratings have been made based on the given criteria below. Take a look at our our comparison chart after this.

  • Enhancement Power – Will it actually perform?

  • Quality of the in ingredients – Are the ingredients effective and proven to work?

  • Long Term Results – Will the results long last?

  • Overall Rating – How does it rank amongst its competitors?

  • Safety – Are the ingredients in the products safe?

  • Guarantee – Does the product come with a money back guarantee?

  • Price – Is the product affordable to buy?

  • Customer Reviews – What feedback is given by the users?

Here are our 5 best penis enhancement pills comparison chart

Rating #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Products ProSolution


SinRex Vimax invigorex
Size Gain 2 - 3
2 - 3
1 - 3
1 - 3
1 - 3
Sexual Enhancement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medically Approved Yes Yes Yes** Yes** Yes**
Quality Of Products Outstandng Outstandng Excellent Average Average
Enlargement Combination Pill + 
Pill + Exercise Pill + Exercise Pill + Exercise No
Customer Support


Excellent Excellent Average Poor
Company Reputation Outstanding Excellent Excellent Average Poor
Free Bonuses Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Guarantee 67
Total Votes* 9100 8310 6030 2510 359
Our Review Full
Full Review Full
Website Visit

* Please send us your vote and feedback us with the receipt scanned if you have tried any product and has successes with it. By doing so you are helping men who are facing the same problem that you face before. We thank you for your participation. Your vote does matter and will be added to the total number of votes.

** Although they claimed their pill are doctor approved, we were unable to find evidence to back it up. 

Should I select penis pills or a different penis enhancement method?

There are two motives as to why you would go for penis pills:

  • You have an issue with your erection. Either it does not happen, it is too soft or you are unable to keep an erection. The penis pills will enable you to overcome any of these problems.

  • You want to enlarge your penis with pills and exercises because you don’t have the time it takes to use a penis extender.

But you should not purchase the penis pills due to the following reasons;

  • If you are looking to permanently increase your penile size through the penis pills.

  • If you are intending to eliminate your erectile dysfunction on permanent basis. Unfortunately, the male enlargement pills only work temporarily.

The penis pills will be the ideal alternative for you if you want to achieve penile gain, are willing to perform exercise and do not have enough time to use a penis extender. But the penis pills may prove to be a bit costly since you would be minimum six months supply of them. But still the results will be achieved quickly as compared to the usage of a penis extender. 

How Penis Pills help you?

Increased Blood Flow - The most important feature of penis pills is that it increases blood flow towards the penis. This helps in firmer and harder erection which is found to be useful for those men who are experiencing the issue of erectile dysfunction and related issues. 

Last Longer In Bed - These pills help in increasing the potential of men to have longer sex in bed. These pills help you get enhanced stamina, which is due to the use of herbal ingredients used in the supplement. Likewise, the supplement has proven to be effective in increasing the intensity of your orgasms. This is appealing and the attractive benefit that comes with the supplement.

Proven Size Increase - The chief reason behind using penis pills is to increase the thickness and length of the penis; and that they have proven effective as well. Penis pills enable men to increase their penis size as there is an added blood flow to different chambers of the penis. This helps in increasing the size of chambers, thereby increasing penis size. For more practical result it is important to take part in normal male enhancement exercises which enhances the size of the penis.

What to look for in a male enlargement pill?

A quality male enlargement pill will be able to increase the blood flow towards the penis and even promote better male health simultaneously. Maintaining good health by getting rid of toxins and carcinogens from the body is vital for improving the sexual performance. The increase of blood flow towards the penis is similar to the increase of a horsepower for a car, just like the improvement of sexual health is to servicing your car. If proper maintenance is not carried out; then any upgrades will make no difference at all. Thus, maintaining a good sexual health is extremely significant in achieving good male enlargement.

The ingredients like L-Arginine and Ginkgo Biloba need to be the deciding factor for you in purchasing a pill. Through these ingredients you will benefit from the antioxidant properties and there will be improved blood flow as well. Another key ingredient to look for is the Omega-3 as it will assist you in marinating strong sexual health respectively.

Here are our 5 best penis enhancement pills short reviews

ProSolution System (Economy Package) Is Voted #1 By Users

ProSolution System Is Voted #1 By UsersIn one awesome deal you will find ProSolution System to comprise of doctor endorsed and medically backed exercise program. This system has been developed by established medical professionals and works on the principle of blending together enhancement methods for the accelerated and optimal penile growth that happens permanently for it. This will matter much for you if you want to have a permanent penile growth.

The pills has been endorsed by the doctors for usage as it results in peace of mind since it is composed of 100 percent all-natural herbs. Based on our research on reliable sources and the feedbacks received from emails, we found that users who took the pills along with the exercise program were pretty happy and impressed by the results. Majority of them had experienced permanent penile gains between 2 to 3 inches. Moreover, they felt that the customer support for the product was outstanding as well. 

Therefore, ProSolution has been rated as number one product by the review websites, medical professionals and the users for its efficiency, system quality and delivery of quick results. Above of all, we have noticed the best results for the users that is backed by solid evidence which supports the ProSolution System. So, you should feel assured to experience penile gains of nearly 3 inches permanently. Thus, if you are keen to have positive and best results, choose ProSolution System and you will not be disappointed at all.

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VigRX Plus (4 Months Package) Is Voted #2 By Users

VigRX Plus Is Voted #2 By UsersThe VigRX Plus product has been developed by the medical professionals for the penile enhancement goal. Its formula comprises of entire all-natural herbs that have been medically backed or sure. This means that you should feel relaxed after taking this pills owing to the safety and effectiveness.

We conducted a research on this product from reliable sources and feedbacks that we have received for VigRX Plus product shows that users were satisfied and impressed by the results. Since majority of them wanted to have permanent penile gain, they were extremely happy after achieving it. According to these users, the customer support was excellent as well.

The VigRX Plus product has been ranked as the number two product in the list and is a recognized product in the male enlargement industry. Thus, VigRX Plus is one of those products without doubt to deliver results and you should consider it if you are looking for the best penile enlargement pills in the market today. 

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SinRex (2+1 Month Supply) Is Voted #3 By Users

SinRex Is Voted #3 By UsersSimilar to the ProSolution system, the SinRex constitutes its own unique exercise program to enable permanent penile gain for the users. Based on our research over credible sources and the feedbacks that we had received, the users were satisfied and contented with the results. 

The penile gain of 3 inches had been reported and the users though that the customer support for the product was excellent. Thus, SinRex is a pretty good alternative for you after the top two run of stock, if you look to have permanent penile gain and the enhancement respectively.

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Vimax (2 Vimax Bottles) Is Voted #4 By Users

Vimax Pill Is Voted #4 By UsersSimilar to the top three products, Vimax also comprises of its own unique exercise program for the attainment of penile gain on the permanent basis. It consists only of 100 percent all-natural herbs.

The users have found to be happy with the results as seen in our research on the reliable resources and from the feedback we had received through the emails. But the customer support for the product was average. This product is another alternative for you if you are looking to enhance the sexual health of your penis. 

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Invigorex (Budget Package) Is Voted #5 By Users

Invigorex Is Voted #5 By UsersThe InVigorex pill is only a standalone pill that has been designed to boost the sexual health of your penis. It does not come with extra supplementary product. 

Our research conducted on reliable sources and the feedbacks that we received through emails revealed that the users were quite contented with the results. However, according to these users, the customer support needs to be made better. This product is a substitute for you if you are searching for a penile enlargement product.

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