A Hard Look at the ProSolution Plus Male Enhancement Pill System

Quite like many guys, you may also have suffered from problems in sexual performance. We know from personal experience that it is both embarrassing and stressful when one has to face these problems. Everyone loves having sex but this experience can take a serious toll when there is difficulty in sexual performance and erectile dysfunction. This is serious issue for men as it really affects his confidence. 

If you don’t have erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, you may be unsatisfied about your penis size. Having a small penis is one of the major concerns for men as it has various disadvantages. Sex drive is not a big problem for health due to a tiny penis. If not treated immediately, this problem can turn in to a major issue and ultimately affects a healthy relationship. 

ProSolution Plus VS VigRX Plus - Which Is Worth Trying?

When it comes to the male enhancement market, VigRX Plus and ProSolution are considered among the best and most reputed. They are very effective for giving you the desired erection as they contain 100% natural ingredients. This is because of the enhanced sexual stamina, libido, and blood circulation to penis. We are comparing both of these products according to some features. You can choose according to that. 

How They Work?

When it comes to the working of VigRX Plus and ProSolution pills, there is no significant difference between them. They are known to: 

  • Improved sexual libido or sex drive 
  • Treats premature ejaculation 
  • Prevents erectile dysfunction 
  • Enhanced size of the penis 
  • Last longer during sexual encounters 

In that regard, both products are pretty much the same. However, ProSolution is better as it has an amazing combination of 100% natural ingredients and thus it is more effective. According to us, ProSolution is better than VigRX Plus.


When it comes to performance, both VigRX Plus and ProSolution are quite effective. Although, according to verified to users, ProSolution is more effective than VigRX Plus. The effects of ProSolution are longer lasting in the body.

Based on safety (chances of side effects)

Vigrx Plus: verified users who have used Vigrx Plus for a long time experienced no side effects or health risks. 

ProSolution: when using ProSolution for one year, customers have reported no side effects at all. 

Ingredients and composition

Penis enlargement pills have natural ingredients. This combination of natural ingredients gives the best possible results. VigRX Plus has: 

Bioperine: it is derived from black pepper. It is useful in efficiently absorbing nutrients and improving metabolic functions.

Damiana: it is derived from a shrub grown in Texas. It is a famous aphrodisiac for centuries and according to scientists, it is effective in improving sexual libido. Apart from that, it prevents sexual dysfunction in diabetes patients. 

Gingko Biloba: Gingko Biloba is termed as a living fossil derived from Gingko tree. According to various scientific researches, Gingko Biloba enhances sexual stamina and performance. It increases blood flow to the penis leading to more enjoyable sex. 

Ginseng: it is a plant extract used for treating erectile dysfunction. It has been used as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years. As per scientific researches, it also increases penis blood flow. 

Muira Pauma Bark Extract: it is an effective anti-dote for treating impotence in men. It also enhances sex drive and prevents erectile dysfunction. 

Catuaba Bark Extract (Brazil): it helps in dilating blood vessels and stimulating libido. Similar to Ginseng, it gives more powerful erections by enhancing penis blood flow. This extract is very effective in stimulating the nervous system. 

Saw Palmettoberry: it is popular as a natural aphrodisiac effective for treating enlarged prostate in men. It prevents multiplication of prostate cells by stopping conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Saw Palmettoberry increases penis blood flow by relaxing smooth muscles. 

The balanced mixture of ingredients helps in improving sexual performance. Each and every nutrient in VigRX Plus is useful for harder and longer lasting erection. 

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The natural ingredients are mixed in a way so as to make the pill most effective and provide desired results. ProSolution pills have the following ingredients: 

Asparagus Adscendens: Asparagus contains Vitamin B6, A & C, fiber thiamine, folic acid and orgasm-friendly potassium. It has anti-stress features and it is also said to have inhibitory effect on pro-inflammatory cytokines. It is also known as Asparagu racemosus found to have similar properties as testosterone and rich in anti-oxidants. Researches were conducted on rats and it showed improvement in erection quality and mounting frequency. The ProSolution Plus formula is known for enhancing ejaculation control and helping to achieve regular and harder erections. According to studies, Asparagus Adscendens also has various other qualities too. 

Mucuna Pruriens: Mucuna Pruriens is helpful in improving one's sexual stamina. It contains L-Dopa known to be a precursor to the neurotransmitter I-dopamine. This chemical is effective for regulating sexuality, mood and feeling of pleasure. Research on animals have proven this, with regular and improved erections, reduced time between sexual encounters and mounting.

Asteracantha Longifolia: This is an Ayurvedic tradition plant popular for increasing sperm volume, mount frequency and attractability towards female. It is also effective for improving fructose level in seminal vesicles, the tubular glands responsible for ejaculation secretion.

Circuligo Orchiodes: According to the study published in Filoterapia (2007), the rhizomes of Circuligo Orchiodes are known to increase mount frequency, sexual performance and harder erections. The attraction towards the opposite sex increases along with improvement in erection quality. Quite similar to Asteracantha Longifolia, we barely know the true potential and medical properties of this flowering plant. According to recent studies, it can be really helpful in treating normal sex problems such as lower sexual stamina and performance. 

Asphaltum: Asphaltum is a popular natural wax formed between rock cracks in Himalayas. Because of that, Asphaltum is reported to have over 85 minerals and vitamins along with medicinal properties for the body nourishment. These ingredients are beneficial for one's sex life. Asphaltum is used in Ayurvedic medicine for improving sexual health, vitality and enhance spermatogenesis. According to research in 2010, it has health enhancing properties and also reduces fatigue caused due to high altitude. 

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Discount offers and bonuses 

VigRX Plus provides numerous benefits to the users. Some of them are: a penis exercise CD, a free bottle of Semenax (sperm quality enhancer), a bottle of pheromones, a complimentary erection fitness website membership and a $25 better sex mall card.

On the other hand, ProSolution offers a ProSolution performance enhancer gel, a box of volume pills and free erection system website membership. The volume pills are effective in increasing semen volume.

Money Return Policy 

Leading Edge Health is a company which manufactures both VigRX Plus and ProSolution pill. They both offer a 67-day money return policy and stick to their promise.