A Hard Look at the VigRX Plus Male Enhancement Pill System

Is your penis flaccid, unimpressive, and uncontrollable? The makers of VigRX Plus want to help!

Our Ratings for VigRX Plus

Total Score
Safety 9.0
Performance & Results 9.0
Comfort 10
Value 9.0
Warranty & Guarantee 8.0
Overall Quality 8.0
Privacy Factor 9.0
Customer Service 8.0
Bonuses Score 8.0
Shipping 7.0

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About Us

This site was founded in 2004 with an aim to provide information about different male enhancement products while shopping. Our only goal is to give you an honest and unbiased opinion about various male enhancers in the market. According to us, it is of utmost importance to be aware of all the details as well as pros and cons about a particular product during shopping.

Sexual dysfunction and the common man

Many men have gone through what you’re experiencing. At one time or another, almost every man alive suffers some form of sexual dysfunction. It could be a bout with impotence, a loss of orgasm control, or just a general loss of interest in sex. The problems are many and the solutions often seem impossible to find.

Most solutions do little or nothing to help

Worse, many of the most commonly available products that promise solutions end up doing nothing at all. Or they have side effects like headaches, dry mouth, or other annoying conditions. And even the ones that sometimes do work often contain synthetic chemicals that end up causing their own ill side effects. But there has to be an answer, right?

Of course there’s an answer

Well, that answer could just be VigRX Plus. It’s an all-natural herbal bled that lays claim to a whole host of sexual enhancement benefits that could, if they’re real, literally transform your sex life. Because this product relies on Chinese herbal medicine, it’s guaranteed to produce no negative effects. More importantly, it has the benefit of relying on ingredients that people in the Far East have used for thousands of years to treat conditions just like yours.

Backed by real science

And, unlike most products of this nature, this one has the scientific evidence to back up its claims. That’s right: the manufacturers actually commissioned a clinical study to determine the exact scientific facts supporting their claims of success. They’d heard from customers for years, and finally decided to see if the scientific evidence matched the anecdotal reports they’d received. It was better than they’d ever imagined!

Benefits matter

When it comes to benefits, VigRX Plus offers many. The herbal blend has been proven to increase not only the ability to get and keep an erection, but also the ability to fully penetrate the partner. In addition, men who took the supplement also enjoyed a marked increase in sexual desire, the number of orgasms they had in any given period, and satisfaction with their sexual activities.

Does that sound like a dramatic improvement over your current sex life?

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A well-studied product

As noted, this is one of the only supplement products of its kind to submit to a full scientific study. Over the course of the 84-day study, the trial continually reaffirmed what the company’s customers had told them for many years: the product worked. It did exactly what they said it did, and more. 

If you’re interested in checking out the results of that comprehensive study, you won’t have to search too hard to find it. It was so positive that the company makes it available for download on their website. They want you to see what the scientists say about VigRX Plus!

Comparing the strengths and weaknesses

Like any offering, there are strong and weak points associated with this product. They deserve to be examined before making a decision.

The strengths:

  • The product uses an extremely safe formula, due to its reliance on natural herbs that have been well-tested and proven effective through centuries of use and study.

  • VigRX also offers one of the only scientifically tested male enhancement products on the market today. You don’t have to just accept the company’s claims at face value, because they have clinical data to support every assertion.

  • This product works in individuals regardless of age. Users in their seventies have reported amazing erections and sexual stamina.

  • It comes with a full money-back guarantee designed to give you the optimal trial period you need to judge its effectiveness.

  • It helps to prevent premature ejaculation by giving you the control over your orgasm you might otherwise lack. That can make every sexual encounter more enjoyable for you and your partner.

  • The product produces heightened sexual stimulation, which is a necessary component of libido. With it, you can enjoy an increase in your desire for sex, which will help you to have a healthier sex life.

  • The ingredients are among the freshest available on the market. The manufacturing process uses only the best parts of each herb to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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The weaknesses:

  • The VigRX supplement does require a build up time to saturate the body with nutrients before the effects begin to really take effect.

  • It is not a permanent solution, and thus must be taken on a consistent basis to maintain the positive results you achieve. That means that the product requires a financial commitment that will be ongoing for many years to come.

  • There are apparently a number of counterfeit products out there that pass themselves off as VigRX. Some of these could be potentially harmful, so it is important to use the company’s product authorization page to ensure that the product you have in your possession is the genuine male enhancement solution this company distributes.

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Does VigRX Plus product really work efficiently for the users?

The information given on the product website shows that males who had used it for 4 to 6 months had generally experienced the penile gain of two to three inches. Though this sounds quite optimistic, yet users also reported that such an increase is only possible when it has been used as directed to make the penile gains realistic enough. But such gains become visible after a good number of months. Still, there are a lot of males who have reported penile gains in few weeks only.

But there is another impressive fact about the product. From the reports and the user feedbacks we have seen that it comes with an additional offering of providing men with other vital sexual health benefits apart from increasing the penile size. You must have noticed from the ingredients list above that it comprises of such potent herbs that help to augment many vital aspects relating to sexual performance in men.

Apart from the different herbs, there are a few ingredients that even improve erections in males. They help to make the erections hard and they last long as well. Lastly, you will notice that some of the ingredients have the ability to promote sexual arousal, stamina and male libido as they contain aphrodisiac qualities respectively.

The customer feedback for ProSolution from the beginning has been excellent and that many review websites and high profile publications have given thumbs up for this pill. In fact, the company proudly brags about high reorder rates for VigRX Plus that indicate that customers are experiencing pretty positive results through this pill. 

Guaranteed or your money back

So what kind of guarantee are we talking about here anyway? Perhaps How about sixty-seven days? That gives you two complete months to make a decision as to whether the results are right for you. You get to try this product for that full period, and then decide whether to order more or simply return the empty bottles and request your money back. There are few products out there whose makers have the kind of confidence needed to make such an outrageous guarantee.

Then again, if you were selling a male enhancement product that was backed by the full weight of a scientific study, you’d be confident too.

Now would we recommend you try it?

The important thing to decide is whether you think the product might be right for you. We have reviewed the facts and looked at the evidence, and it seems pretty clear: if you have genuine sexual issues that need addressing, VigRX Plus should be the first product on your list of potential solutions.

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