Being Obese Makes Your Penis Look Smaller

Excess weight is one of the most challenging things that humans have to deal with. Most of the time, weight loss benefits are usually associated with women. Where men are concerned, it is usually about losing weight to stay healthy by avoiding lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions. If this is everything you have heard about the advantages of maintaining the proper number of pounds, then there is something else that you need to know as a man. Suffering from obesity can make your penis appear much smaller than it is. Without doubt, this is the last thing that any man wants.

Obesity has been named as one of the most common reasons for penises to appear shrunk or small. When a person is overweight, fat accumulates around his pubic mound- the one encasing the penis- and thus making it seem more diminutive. One of the clinical professors of urology at the University of California, San Francisco (Ira Sharlip) argues that when a pubic fat pad is large, the penile shaft looks shorter than it is. In some other instances, the abdominal fat is also capable of burying the penis, according to experienced medical practitioners. They advise their patients to lose weight since one can appear to have gained even an inch in penis size.

On the other hand, the measurement of the erect penis, when someone is obese, shouldn't be different from the usual measurement. To obtain an accurate measurement, ensure to push the ruler hard into your fat pad and squash it down to the end.

Does the average sized penis reduce with obesity?

A lot of men usually judge the size of their penis based on their flaccid penis. This means that, if your soft penis is covered or rather encased in the pubic fat pad, it can appear tiny in some instances. However, the apparent reduction in penis size is usually dependent on the degree of obesity. There are individuals who were of the average size during their late teen years. However, they confirm that their penises look nearly half the origin size (say 3 to 5 inches while erect) as a result of morbid obesity with progression of time.

Has the penis shrunk?

Although your penis may appear smaller, it doesn't necessarily mean that it has shrunk. However, we must be privy to the fact that penises usually shrink as little as we get older. The apparent shrinking of the penis is due to the fat deposits surrounding your pubic area as well as the groin areas which usually make your initially average penis appear smaller. For your peace of mind, your average penis size hasn't gone anywhere- it is only that your body has grown way too big. Penises aren't the same as male breasts that usually grow larger as your body increases in size. As your body grows, your penis size will remain the same- no wonder it looks smaller.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

Besides making your penis appear smaller, obesity poses a lot of health risks as well. Unfortunately, they will not mention the detrimental effects that obesity has on your penis size. If you are stuck in this situation, it must be very humiliating and also adversely affects your self-esteem and confidence. Try losing weight if you wish to restore the original appearance of your penis size.

Obesity and men with a small penis

You can imagine the impact obesity has on men with a small penis considering what it does for men with average penis size. The situation is certainly worse for men with small penises. In fact, men suffering from extreme cases of obesity can appear to have a micropenis. This can have a massive negative effect on your self-confidence. The situation is so bad at times that your penis is buried by the pubic fat pad- making the glans invisible. This can be extremely embarrassing for any man. You do not have to wait until this happens.

Imagine a situation where your flaccid penis is completely hidden or rather buried in the pubic mound- this is exactly what happens when you are obese, and your penis size is measured as small. You must have heard people say that fat men usually have small dicks. Well, it is the overweight factor that affects the perceived size of their cocks. As is the case with average sized penis, it doesn't mean that your small penis has shrunk. Morbid obesity has made it appear much more insignificant or invisible as the pubic fat pad swallows your small penis. In that regard, you can restore the original size of your penis by cutting off excess pounds.

When your flaccid penis is completely buried in the pubic fat, this can result in other problems. They include:

  • Incontinence may occur as you may have problems when urinating. In some instances, obese men with small penises may have to sit when urinating
  • Rashes may occur due to heat, sweat, and poor hygiene
  • Having your flaccid penis buried in the pubic fat pad can cause fungal infections if your penis isn't kept clean and dry at all times.
  • You might have to deal with odor problems which can cause extremely embarrassing moments for you.

In that regard, as you begin your journey to lose weight, it is advisable to observe hygiene at all times. Besides, you wouldn't want to deal with several problems at the same time.

To achieve immediate results, begin by trimming the pubic hair. You may also wish to undergo Liposuction of the fat pad as it will help make a noticeable difference in the penis size. On the other hand, the best solution is engaging in an effective as well as sustained weight loss program. A weight loss program will help you address your obesity and penis size concerns. However, most importantly, you will begin feeling much healthier and more confident about yourself. When you have attained this kind of mindset, you will have the confidence to show off your new look penis. Undoubtedly, the penis size has a big impact on a person's manhood.

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