Small Penis, Is Penis Enlargement The Answer?

In my opinion, the topic of penis size has been given more attention than is necessary. The importances of penis size, what women think about penis size and penis enlargement are some of the issues dominating the mind of so many men across the world. The coming of the Internet hasn't made the situation any better. In any case, the information on the internet has led to more worries, doubts and questions among men. There is just too much information available on the World Wide Web that is unfortunately very contradicting.

One of the things that men have been made to believe, or at least think, is that a bigger penis is better. Let's face it, men usually think about sex a lot. In fact, they have been accused of thinking using their penises. This means that sex drive is an important part of a man's mindset and, as a result, the penis size is almost always one of the central issues for him. Undoubtedly, men who are more endowed become well aware of this critical fact during the early stages of their lives. At times, this realisation makes them feel superior compared to men who don't share similar status.

Individuals who are well packaged do not suffer similar hang-ups about the penis size. Research studies reveal that they don't have problems expressing themselves – they do so freely and comfortable in different social settings and even during intimate encounters.

On the other hand, if someone compares his penis to that of another guys or guys, then realises that he isn't as well endowed as most men, he begins feeling rather inadequate. That being said, there is a category of men who are just comfortable with themselves even when their penises aren't exactly big. This is another level of self-esteem that is difficult to achieve. Most likely, it is the outcome of satisfaction with life as well as with the individual gifts, relationships and achievements. Unfortunately, it is very rare to find men with small penises that don't have hang-ups pertaining to their penis size- they are few and far between.

Small penis may cause embarrassment

I have heard other men and even women make remarks upon a man's smaller penis in different occasions. This has in turn caused the victim considerable emotional anguish and embarrassment. The last thing any man (who has a small penis) wants to hear is someone telling him that he has a small penis- even when he is well aware of the fact.

The cruelty of pointing out a person's physical shortcomings cannot be overemphasised. Unfortunately, there are people who are so tactless that they say it point blank. This explains why the majority of men who think they have small penis become shy and tend to withdraw from the rest of the world. Further, they may avoid women and brush off the idea of having sex. Such reactions, thoughts and behavior causes obsession over penis size and ultimately results in men suffering from a small penis syndrome that is quite dangerous.

Having A Small Penis? Try Out These Sex Positions For Small Penis.

That being said, is penis enlargement the answer for a small penis?

Before you decide to seek or not to seek penis enlargement, several factors must be kept into consideration. First and foremost, why do you want to pursue penis enlargement? If your goal of having a larger penis is to increase your self-confidence, then it might help. Men with larger penis are seen to be more confident and even have higher self-esteem. However, you must ask yourself- is penis enlargement the only thing you need to boost your confidence levels? Will having your penis enlarged enough to solve your confidence issues. This must be thought out very carefully.

Another reason men desire bigger penis is because they feel inadequate when they compare themselves with other men. Nearly every man has compared his penis with those of other men. It happens all the time. However, have you ever considered the possibility of you being mistaken? Have you ever had the opportunity to view such penises without anything blocking them? Maybe, just maybe, you wouldn't feel so inadequate if you got a perfect view of other men's penises.

Further, don't compare your penis with that of another man when in the flaccid state. The revelations don't mean anything. There are small penises that gain so much length and girth while erect. On the other hand, there are others that appear big while in the flaccid state, yet gain less size when erect. In that case, unless you have seen another man while erect, never think that they are more endowed than you are.

Besides, it is important to factor in aspects such as the body shape and size of the men you compare with. These two aspects have considerable impacts on the appearance of a man's penis with respect to penis size. Lastly, stop comparing yourself with pornstars. That world is so much beyond the world we are living- a little reality will go a long way in eliminating potential small penis syndrome. There are so many camera tricks involved to distort the real size of the men's penis such as the angle of the shot and the body size of the woman.

Are you still convinced that penis enlargement is the only way out? Perhaps you should consider other ways of improving your penis size. For instance, try losing a few pounds, especially if you are overweight. Those extra pounds you have accumulated over time indeed make your penis look smaller. You will be surprised at how much your penis can increase just by losing some weight.

You are not the only person who wishes he had a bigger dick. On the same note, only a few of unsatisfied men are opting for penis enlargement methods. In my opinion, one should work hard and smart to appreciate what they possess- unless you have what medical practitioners refer to as micropenis. The only thing that an enlarged penis can give you is elevated ego and confidence and nothing more.

Today, depending on how you approach the topic of penis size, you and your partner can optimally enjoy sex. You just have to lose extra pounds and then involve a combination of sex positions and activities to bring magic to your sex life.

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