Depression Is a Killer of Your Libido

Depression is a serious illness or medical condition, a state of feeling unhappy for a longer period of time. Depressed person feels as if the walls were closing in on him, sad, hopeless and unable to function normally. The disease is still quite new to humanity and there is a lot of further research to be done in the future.

However, every year we get some new information and solutions how to cope with illness. Depression is a serious modern problem, a silent murderer. A lot of people don´t even know they are sick they just feel awful all the time and don´t know what to do. This kind of living is quite exhausting and many times the end comes before it should naturally.

Depression and Low Testosterone

One of the areas where depression has a severe negative impact is also sexual life, where low sex drive disables natural performance of a person. Depressed men, suffer from a substantial drop of sex drive with no desire for physical intercourse whatsoever. The level of numbness is very high and getting through to depressed person is an enormous challenge. As the brain is the largest and most powerful sex organ in the body, depression causes some serious malfunction directly to brain and indirectly to men´s sex drive and sex life. In this case; when head isn´t alright you may lack right frequency of sex-drive.

Depression and male low sex drive is connected to low level of testosterone. Testosterone is an important male hormone, relevant for male sexual development. However, testosterone doesn´t only effects the level of male sex drives it has a strong impact to overall male wellbeing.

So far direct connection hasn´t been established yet and therefore additional research is still in progress. However, what scientist can prove are the symptoms; symptoms of depression and low testosterone, such as fatigue, increased irritation, low sex drive, are present in both cases. Mentioned symptoms irritability and low sex drive are bound to make person unhappy or unsatisfied. Suffering state of mind could be developed, leading directly towards depression.

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Another possibility how to explain connection between low testosterone and depression includes hormone-serotonin. Serotonin, also named hormone of happiness, is another hormone in human´s body that controls mood states. As proven, lower level of testosterone in the body causes lower level of serotonin. When the level of serotonin in the brain is low, irritation, fatigue and low sex drive are present again. This may become the perfect circumstance for developing depression.

Older men are even more accessible to develop depression, while the ability to absorb serotonin decreases through years. Lower level of testosterone and decreased ability of absorption equals very low level of serotonin and higher risk for depression. Outcome again, increased irritation and low sex drive.

How to help yourself, if you are depressed?

Depression can be treated medically or you can try to help yourself:

  • Chose supportive relationships only
  • Move as much as possible (don´t give yourself time to dwell on things)
  • Negative thinking is forbidden
  • Establish what makes you happy and start doing it
  • Healthy diet (even the right food can make you feel good)

However, if chronic depression does occur, it would be a great idea to visit a doctor as well. Proper medical advice how to overcome this disease and some additional medical help is the only right and acceptable solution.

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