Anger Can Be Devastating to Male’s Health Related to Libido

Anger is a secondary, derived emotion usually caused by certain triggers. Over some time, negative energy and unsatisfied desires accumulate to a point beyond control. When person reaches that point in order to protect itself (mind and body), anger materializes. Reactions under the impression of anger are usually very intense and often out of person´s control.

Healthy anger however gives you the courage to express negative feelings and provides motivation in order to find solutions to problems. Like everything else, feelings of anger should be resolved as soon as possible, otherwise they might accumulate and turn into rage or other forms of dangerous aggression. Anger can be directed to someone or something, if not expressed properly anger can become a disorder.

Types of anger:

  • Chronic anger (long-termed, constant anger with possible effect on someone´s immune
  • System, can be a potential trigger to future mental disorder)
  • Passive anger (hard to detect)
  • Overwhelming anger (sudden intense emotions)
  • Self-inflicted anger (anger directed upon yourself, possible guilt)
  • Judgmental anger (directed upon others may include resentment)
  • Volatile anger (changeable moods explode in form of anger)

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When angry, person can develop some physical symptoms due to intense emotions:

  • Uncontrolled itchiness
  • Increased heart beat and feeling of heavy chest
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Tiredness
  • Feeling of pressure in the frontal part of the head and in sinus cavity
  • Headaches

We could divide anger in:

  • Emotional issues
  • Relationship issues

Emotional issues that feed man´s anger are often very tightly connected to their sex drive.

And sex drive is enormously associated with one´s self-respect. These two are connected, when one of them is disturbed, so is the other. External possible causes that might affect men´s libido are: loss of a job, money troubles, and depression. Depression and anger are also very connected. When one activates the vicious circle of anger-depression revolving cycle it is very hard and demanding to step out of it. Professional help only, usually breaks the circle. Acting out of anger often causes emotions of guilt and sorrow, which might enhance possibility of depression. On the other hand, chronicle depression might affect uncontrolled irritation and anger outbreaks.

Depression and anger might cause some problems with sex:

Depressed men don´t feel good about them and try to avoid sexual intercourse. Men that do have intercourse often feel unsatisfied, irritated and angry, afterwards. Some of them even try to have intercourse more often out of anger, just to prove, there is nothing wrong with them.

Relationship issues; men usually aren´t aware of them, but they affect men´s sex drive as well. Anger, hate, refusal, numbness and general discontent are direct cause to unhealthy sex life. Different sexual dysfunctions may appear, including low male libido, which causes low sex drive.

Anger is a big part of our life and it can be very dangerous emotion, if not dealt with properly.

It affects all segments of our life -internally and externally.

People should learn how to control anger and not let anger control them. And last but not least, anger will never go away by itself. We need to talk about problems and try to find solutions together.

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