Stress Is a Massive Factor Decreasing Male’s Libido

Stress and low libido are tightly connected, when the first one appears it´s highly likely, that another one will be experienced too within a short period of time. Women usually get stressed out due to emotional circumstances or they make it emotional, even if they aren´t. Men however, stress out based on their ego performance.

Whether at work, at home or among his friends, if a man´s performance is inadequate, he will soon turn on the path of doom. Constant feeling of defeat or growing low self-esteem may inevitable get to him and manifest in shape of a low sex drive. He will probably become numb and emotionally unavailable to everyone around him.

To understand and solve the problem of stress it should be properly explained and examined to its roots. Therefore, we need to establish the definition and origin of stress. Nowadays the tempo and every-day demands of living are so tense that we experience frustrations and stress on a daily basis. Stress is actually how body responds to every day demands, deadliness and even threats.

When body starts to feel threatened in any way, stress hormones are released in the blood and following symptoms start to appear:

  • Faster heart beat
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Tighter muscles
  • Quicker and shallower breathing

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The body sets itself into a stronger, more sensible and ready to reaction mode. This mode will tell you whether to fight or run away from a dangerous situation. The problem appears, if the body doesn´t know any more, when to shot down this way of responding. The normal consequence of this kind of behavior is an overload and it can be stated as a symptom, one of those symptoms is also a loss of sex drive.

Even though this is usually the best kept secret everywhere, men are becoming less and less interested in sex. It goes without saying, this is something nobody wants to talk about and if possible they would just sweep it under the rug. According to research, 20% of men (in America) have low sex drive and the number is getting higher by the year. When problems occur, usually at work, the respond is stress and retreat or numbness.

No, matter how hard the other side tries there probably won´t be any positive effect. Lack of physical intimacy will definitely lead towards anger and resentments. Therefore, the problem of low sex drive should be addressed properly, if you don´t want to end up angry or even worse divorced. Consistently low libido may cause high level of distress in a relationship that is why it has to be accurately attended.

How to handle or diminish stress factors – stress management:

  • Get socially engaged as much as possible
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Enough, undisturbed sleep
  • Relaxation techniques

Make sure you try each and every one of these ˝how to˝ handle the stress tips in order to regain some balance to your body and your life. If we learn how to fight against stress, the libido would have increased; there is no doubt about that.

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