Insomnia, Not Enough Sleep Affects Your Libido

Sleep deprivation is not natural to a human body. The body regains its strength and produces several hormones during the process of sleeping. One of those hormones, being produced in sleep is also testosterone. While testosterone is the main hormone in men´s body, balancing his sex drive, development of male reproductive organs, sperm production, strength of muscles and also the quality of bone mass, it´s very important to get a good night sleep.

Even though, people like to think, sleep is good for the brain, this is clearly an understatement. Sleeping is needed just as much for the rest of the body, as it is for the brain. If you are a workaholic, who sleeps only 5 hours a day or even less, you might reconsider this unhealthy routine. Studies show that the level of testosterone has decreased within one week. It is very important to make sure the sleep adequate and uncompromised as well.

During the night testosterone level rises and achieves its peak in the morning, assumingly the sleep has been efficient and uninterrupted. High level of testosterone equals high sex drive and desire for healthy physical interaction. On the other hand, unfortunately lack of sleep causes tension and avoidance between partners. Men who are having troubles sleeping become very annoyed, if they think something might disturb their sleep.

Therefore, it´s not surprising at all, that they usually arrange separate beds or even worse separate bedrooms. Long-term effect on relationship is of course devastating and it goes without saying, a very bad solution to the problem. Sooner or later separate sleeping and sleep deprivation takes its toll on people living together, but not sleeping together.

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is inability to fall asleep and even if you do manage, the sleep is inadequate and poor quality.

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Here are some indicators of sleep deprivation:

  • Can´t fall asleep and lying awake for a longer period of time
  • Poor quality of sleeping, feeling tired
  • Feeling anxious, grumpy and easily provoked, during the next day
  • Being awake most of the time during the night
  • In the morning, the feeling of not sleeping at all is present
  • Waking up earlier than you should

In order to achieve all necessary conditions for sleeping, here are some tips that might help:

  • Establishing fixed schedule (at night and in the morning)

  • Bedtime routine should be calming

  • Avoid daily napping, going to bed when you are sleepy

  • Sleeping are should be comforting and relaxing

  • No coffee, alcohol or nicotine before going to bed

  • No overeating late at night

  • Help yourself and read as much as you can about sleep deprivation and its healing

  • Treatments based on cognitive and behavioral methods.

    The irony of this vicious circle; sleep deprivation and low sex drive is a connection in somewhat paradoxical manner. Believe it or not, sexual intercourse just might help overcome the problem of sleep deprivation. After the climax a hormone serotonin has being released. This particular hormone causes sleepiness and helps you fall asleep.

Try the No-Move Move

Women, they won't open up, and reveal their desires without any hesitations, ever. Seriously, sometimes her shyness can kill you, when you desperately want to know what triggers her, and what she wants you to do.

Anyways, it would be a wiser idea then, to deal with the situation, their way. Simply, being a little stubborn, you need to continue with the same action what you have been doing for past few minutes, and ask her for the next instruction.

Soon, she would let you know what she wishes you to do next. This effective approach not only opens her up more, rather it also reveals her inner desires.

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