Unresolved Conflicts in the Relationship Is Dramatically Lowering Your Libido

Saying women are from Venus, and men are from Mars is the only accurate starting point possible. We are so different, it´s even hard to find the right words to describe how contrasting we really are. Everyday views, life philosophy, behavior, reactions in certain situations, completely different. However, there is some common ground for all of us and quite important one, might I add. Every human being, women and men, needs to love and to be loved.

The beginning stage of a relationship is usually described as the honeymoon period. Both sides are still in phase of knowing each other and more importantly pleasing each other. Everything is quite fresh and appealing, fantasy being very vibrant, it´s the time of idealization and worship. All past unresolved relationship issues or even present are somehow overtaken by this state of mind. Unfortunately, this period doesn´t last forever, as we are here to learn, lections soon arise. The reality returns and the happy face soon changes into a worried one again.

There is no formula, when the honeymoon period ends. It depends on persons involved, their way of life, personalities and stress or external pressure on the relationship. Real life and true commitment starts after the beginning period. It´s the time when old issues collide with present and, if they aren´t resolved properly, man could possibly begin to feel threatened. When threat arises, man´s mind starts preparing the body for attack or retreat. Stress takes over the situation and physical symptoms appear.

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Person, stressed out over the unresolved relationship conflicts, becomes sleep deprived, easily annoyed and dismissive in all ways possible. All these circumstances lower his level of testosterone and low sex drive is a natural consequence. The feeling of love is somewhat forgotten and other emotions take place.

Because of being deprived of these monumental emotions, one could lose perspective and things could go terribly wrong. The absence of love and feeling of not being needed can force a person, especially if this is a male person to become numb and uninterested. While a woman can overpass her ego, with man there is a completely different story. The greatest pain and suffer for a man is his feeling of being powerless. There is no bigger problem than not being able to solve the problem. If that problem is his relationship, then some serious conflicts are on the way. These conflicts, will soon start to take its toll and it´s usually in the form of libido problems and lost interest for physical interaction, whether communication or making love.

How to resolve the relationship problem?

First of all, personal feelings have to be separated from the actual situation. Sometimes reality and someone´s feelings have absolutely nothing in common. These feelings need to be dealt with, before confronting partner. After personal feelings are being resolved, then sit down and talk to each other. Listen, what other one is saying and try to meet somewhere in the middle.

There is no bigger boost in sex drive, than resolved conflicts. For men it`s some kind of nirvana and love can take its deserving place again.

Blindfold Yourself

Alike innumerable other women, if your woman too get stuck every-time with the missionary position, it can be a clear indication that she too is conscious and insecure about her body image. You know why, because in this particular position, you can't see her body, and so she gets comfortable that you aren't watching it.

So, why not make her feel comfortable, every-time, and in every position. How? Through a blindfold, so that you can't see her body, and all that she is doing to you. Soon you would realize what makes a blind man really happy, when he is with his girl, in the bedroom.

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