Paying For Penis Enlargement Surgery

Among the most important factors to consider in penis surgery is that of cost. This is for a good reason- it is a very expensive affair. What is the cost of penis enlargement? Is the cost available on NHS? Answers to these two important questions must be sought.

Establishing the cost of penis surgery

As you already know, there is no kind of surgery that comes cheap. Patients are usually forced to chuck significantly large sums of money. It isn't any different in the world of penis enlargement surgery. The cost of penis enhancement surgery usually ranges from approximately £1000 to £5000 – and sometimes more.

Normally, this cost will vary depending on

  • The reputation of the surgeon

  • The nature of facilities at the clinic

  • The type of penis enhancement surgery you wish to undergo

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While it is advisable to consider a highly reputable surgeon, he or she might be overly expensive. However, it all depends on how heavy your pockets are. Since you wish to get the best results, consider finding the best surgeon your bank account can afford.

Surgeons whose facilities are high tech could also be expensive. However, the availability of high-quality facilities works in the favor of the patient- as long as you can afford the services. This is a surety that you will most likely receive impressive results.

Penis enlargement surgery is usually done to increase either the width or length of the penis- or even both. The costs of these two procedures vary significantly. On average, the cost of penis lengthening range between £3500 and £5000. On the other hand, you should be prepared to chuck about £1000 - £2500 or even more for if you are considering penis widening. Penis widening and lengthening can be done on separate occasions. However, should you desire to undergo both procedures at the same time, it will cost you more than £5000.

You might find it relatively cheaper to have both procedures performed at the same time than on separate occasions.

Is penis enlargement surgery covered by NHS?

No! However, there are exceptional scenarios. If a clear medical need for the surgery has been identified, NHS can avail the funds for the same. In general, your chances of NHS covering penis surgery are minimal.

Speaking to your GP will be helpful. He or she is in a better position to advise you accordingly. Should he or she establish that your case can be funded by NHS, he or she will recommend a good surgeon.

Even if you cannot access funding from NHS, it is still advisable to ask for recommendations from your GP. He or she has sufficiently good contacts that you will find extremely useful. The process of finding a reputable surgeon can be daunting. If the cost of surgery in the country is too expensive, you may want to consider medical tourism. For instance, surgery is pretty much cheaper in the United Kingdom. Besides, it wouldn't be a bad idea to combine your medical trip with a short vacation. Of the essence is to establish and weigh the pros and cons of all the options on your table.

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