How Does Penis Enlargement Patch Work?

Penis enlargement patches have gained popularity quite fast, considering the fact that they hit the market just a few years ago. The technology behind penis enlargement patches is borrowed from the stop-smoking industry. The good thing about patches is that they can be worn under the clothes for many hours (up to 72 hours) and no one will ever know that you are wearing them.

Before we find out how penis enlargement patches actually work, it wouldn’t hurt to enlighten ourselves about its different parts. Varying types of penis patches will have a different number as well as types of layers. The following highlighted parts are just the most common ones.

  • The drug layer containing the active ingredients solution

  • The liner, which is responsible for protecting the penis product, during storage, before it is removed for use

  • The adhesive part of keeping the components together, and keeping the patch intact on the skin

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  • The membrane plays the role of controlling the gradual release of the solution of active ingredients

  • Finally, the backing. This part of the penis patch is designed to keep the patch protected from the outside environment upon its application

Some penis patches contain matrix filler components and permeation enhancers. These components might be in a single or multilayer drug in the form of adhesives. Patch technology has become a common way of administering drugs in the modern society. It is applied to the body and left there for the specified number of hours. During this time, the patch releases the ingredients through the skin and into the bloodstream straight away.

What is the idea behind the use of penis patches to deliver ingredients to the bloodstream? Well, it founded on the fact that the skin is a thin and porous barrier. In that case, medical or natural ingredients delivered via skin will be absorbed into the bloodstream immediately and accurately. Apparently, the patient doesn’t have to necessarily swallow the medicine and then wait for the active ingredients to get absorbed into the digestive system before being released into the bloodstream. The penis enlargement patches also work in pretty much the same way. Instead of swallowing capsules or tablets, you apply the patch on the skin and the ingredients go directly into your bloodstream. How incredible can technology get?

The ingredients found in penis enlargement pills are the same ones found in the male enhancement patches. Perhaps the only difference is that with pills, you have to take a pill with a glass of water and then wait for digestion to take place for the ingredients to be released into the bloodstream. Now that you know how the ingredients make their way to the bloodstream, it is imperative to understand how they cause penis enhancement.

The said elements such as yohimbine, gingko and ginseng help in the stimulation of libido and testosterone, balancing of the hormones, enhancing the erectile function as well as in the increase of the blood volumes flowing to the penis area. The formulations will differ from one brand to another. I don’t have to remind you the importance of buying the most efficient patch. Also, note that there are scammers everywhere, and thus the need to observe utmost caution. If you must purchase a penis enlargement patch, make sure that the laboratory where its manufacturing took place is certified.

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