Penis Enlargement Patch FAQs

What is a penis enlargement patch?

Penis Enlargement Patch is one of the products for enlarging the male sexual organ. It is a natural and safe herbal formula for penile enhancement.

How does penis enlargement patch affect the penis?

Enlargement penis patch increases penis size in both erect and flaccid state. It helps to improve a person´s sexual health and enhances the erection.

How does the penis enlargement patch work?

When blood fills the muscles inside the penis shaft, it increases in diameter and thickness. The patch is causing this effect.

How many patches per day do I have to use?

For achieving the best result, you should replace penis enlargement patches every three days.

What are the side effects of penis enlargement patch?

There are no known side effects, but it would be recommended to consult your personal doctor about the use of penis enlargement patch. Especially if you had an open heart surgery or any related problems. The patch increases and extends the sexual intercourse tremendously which may put your heart at risk.

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Does the patch offer a permanent effect?

Penis enlargement patch is permanent. For ideal effect, it is advisable to use the patch for five months.

What are the benefits of the penis enlargement patch?

The penis enlargement patch increases the length and girth of the penis. It also increases sexual desire, enabling stronger and more intense orgasms. It provides you with a powerful erection and increases the ejaculation volume and self-esteem.

How does the skin absorb the ingredients from the patch?

The penis enlargement patch uses a transdermal delivery, meaning that body absorbs natural ingredients from the patch through the skin. This sort of transmission enables the release of beneficial ingredients directly into the blood vessels and not through the liver.

What are the advantages of penis enlargement patches?

The patches are made entirely from natural ingredients, and there is no fear of bad taste or smell. Some of the consumers have significant problems with swallowing the pill; the penis enlargement patch has eliminated this problem as well. You simply apply it to a part of your body and the problem is solved.

What are the disadvantages of penis enlargement patches?

You need to replace the patch every three days in order to achieve the best results. The patch may start to smell if you sweat a lot during the day that is why it´s better to replace it sooner in order to avoid embarrassing situations. Shower or swimming pool represents the problem. You need to take off the patch before showering or swimming otherwise the water will diminish the beneficial effect of penis enlargement patch. The patch can be reattached afterwards.

How long can I use the penis enlargement patch?

There is no time limit for using the penis enlargement patch due to its 100% natural composition.

However, you will be probably kindly asked to stop the treatment by your partner as according to studies most women don´t want the penis to be larger than 9 inches.


We know when you are thinking about a penis enlargement routine, you have lots of questions. Above, you’ll find answers to some of the most common. All these questions are submitted by our visitors. However, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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