The Truth – Are Male Enhancement Pills Better Than Gels?

Male enhancement pills, lotions, gels, and creams serve a similar purpose and almost always carry the same type of ingredients. One of the most notable differences between pills and the topical application types of ME products is how they are used. With pills, one needs to swallow with a glass of water. With these other types such as gels, one just needs to apply a sizeable amount of the product and then apply it to the male member.

Most of the times, men get stuck on the crossroads when choosing between pills and gels. A common perception is that male enhancement pills are better than gels. The big question is how true is this?

Well, we must start by appreciating that people have different tastes and preferences, and one man’s meat, could easily be someone else’s poison. Pills might work for one person, yet deliver opposite results when used by another person. Gels are loved by individuals who have difficulties swallowing tablets or medicine in general. They find gels highly convenient because they only need to apply to their male members and that is it.

In this article, I do not mean to disregard or discredit male enhancement gels. However, I wish to bring out instances where pills might be better compared to gels:

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Where privacy is needed

In as much as the world is considerably civilized, men are still conservative when it comes to issues of their wieners. It explains why most of them prefer to suffer in silence when their sexual health is suffering. The same case applies when it has to do with penis size – it is the last topic they wish to discuss with someone. As such, the majority of men who pursue penis enhancement prefer to keep the matter as private as possible.

A good number of them hardly find the courage to inform their partners about what they are up to. In that case, male enhancement gels would not be a good choice for someone who is trying to hide it. On the other hand, pills offer the most privacy because you can hide them and swallow them without attracting unnecessary attention.

Little or no convenience

For the majority of people, a good male enhancement product should offer ease of use as well as convenience. Unfortunately, gels appear to provide simplicity of use (although not as much as the pills do), but does not guarantee convenience. For starters, one cannot wear pants immediately after applying the gel on his manhood because of the possible staining which means that one cannot use them on the go like is usually the case with the pills. Secondly, you cannot engage in sexual intercourse with the gel on your penis as the ingredients could be potentially harmful to the vagina if the product is not safe. Complete removal of the gel must be guaranteed at all times before sex. With the pills, it is a different story altogether seeing that there isn’t much to it apart from swallowing them.

Irrespective of these disadvantages, what one decides to use at the end of the day boils down to personal tastes and preferences. For someone with strict or tight schedules, pills are much more sensible. On the other hand, if you are in a position to free up enough time during the day or night, and you find male enhancement gels appropriate for you, then go for it. The ball is now in your court.

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