Retarded Ejaculation: Male Orgasmic Disorder

Be it a man or a woman, sex always holds topmost priority throughout their life. A lot of people are blessed with abilities to satisfy their partner in bed, while some are just not that lucky. There are a lot of men and women who are not that good in bed, and thus have a troubled married life. Some men have erection problems, while some are not able to satisfy their partners at all. Retarded ejaculation is also one of the concerns in numerous men and women.

The condition when men are not able to ejaculate is known as retarded ejaculation, also referred to as male orgasmic disorder. This inability, be it in man or woman, can make a person frustrated and also make him/her lose interest in sex. It is an extremely rare but severe problem, and should be dealt with utmost care.

Causes of Retarded Ejaculation

Retarded ejaculation can just not be limited to a single cause. There can be various reasons for this rare yet severe disorder. In few of the cases, this might happen due to a medical problem. In such a case, it becomes extremely important to get checked up by an urologist.

In few cases, the problem lies in the patient's psychic and can only be cured after getting counselled by a psychologist. Performance pressure and relationship issues can also be considered as the reasons of this problem. One of the most common causes of this problem is excessive masturbation.

Effects of Retarded Ejaculation

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Retarded ejaculation doesn't allow you to ejaculate, which can further cause severe problem in your personal as well as professional life. It affects your married life because you can never satisfy your partner, and leads to infertility. It is a major area of concern and thinking about it constantly affects your professional life too.

Treatment of Retarded Ejaculation

There are a lot of ways by which a person can get over this problem. One of them is by visiting an urologist and gets checked up properly. You can also go for sex therapy in cases where you can ejaculate via some stimulation.

This kind of treatment is common for both men and women. It happens in three stages, after completion of which you will be able to ejaculate in a normal way and enjoy your sexual intercourse.

Instead of just going out and bragging to people about your prowess on bed. You should rather visit a person who is an expert in this, and get this problem sorted out at the earliest. The earlier you get it out of your system, the better it is for yourself and for people around you.

One of the greatest and most important things required to get over this problem is the support of your partner or a near and dear one. If you are suffering from this disorder, it is pretty natural that you won't be at your best. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to have someone around you and give you support during your low times.

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